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HTC Explorer
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Very good Entry Level Smartphone

I purchased HTC Explorer about 10 days back after much searching and debating on buying this vs LG optimus net 690. nThis is my first smartphone and I must say that I am very much impressed with its performance so far.nnFirst of all, let me clear some doubts:nn1. There is no headset in the box (Roumors which say there are 2 versions of this phone - one with headset and one without- are totally false)n2. This has 150MB of internal ROM. ~45MB of which is already used by pre-loaded apps which cannot be removed (unless you root the phone). So, You have ~105MB available at the time of unboxing. (I know the box says 90MB but my phone had 105 MB "available Internal Storage")n3. You CAN install new apps on the SD card but some part of them will use up Internal storage. My calculations say that you can install at least 30 new apps on this phone. They are more than enough for me at any given point of time. If you want more, then you should probably think of increasing your budget and buy a high end phone.nnnAbout the Phone:nThe phone is quite small and fits perfectly in the pocket as well as hand. The back cover has a nice rugged feel about it and has a good grip. I find the 600MHz speed to be good enough for ANY "normal" activity. (Angrybirds ran without any lag). The touch sensitivity is also too good (better compared to LG P500 which my friend has). nnPros:n1. Excellent UI and graphics (HTC Trademark). n2. Some of the preloaded apps are nice and useful to me (gtalk, youtube, saavn - online music streamer, NDTV cricket)n3. Battery life is better than expected - I have been using the phone franatically since i bought it and the battery typically lasts 1 day (with WiFi ON ALL the time). I was surprised with the battery life because it only has 1230mA battery. I think the OS/UI has much better power management than some of the other phones.n4. GPS/WiFi Hotspot features - I think they are verry useful.. Battery life is also good with these features turned ON ( at least 5 hrs of non stop usage at full charge)nnCons:n1. Camera does not have autofocus.n2. No LED Flashn3. Some of the preloaded apps are crap . Unfortunately we cant remove them without rooting the phone :-( nnAll in all, I think this phone is a good value for money.

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My take on the HTC Explorer!

Hi guys,nI got this phone from the market for about 9,100 (the flipkart price then was 9,500) and I'm really pleased with my choice. My first thought was to go with the Galaxy Y but as it appeared better in specs but this phone is wayyy better in the hand. It has a snug design and fits nicely in the hand. nnnComing to the display, it has a 320x480p 3.2inch display and is really very bright and vibrant. There isn't any noticeable pixilation and its a soft touch. The sensitivity is very good and it detects even the softest touches. Pinch to zoom works very well.nnnBecause this is an Android, you would probably want to install many apps. The internal memory is 105mb and most apps can be moved to an SD card (mostly games). At present I have 29 apps installed -- 20 games and 9 utility apps including facebook, whatsapp, easy mp3 downloaded, play store, mobislenotes, quick note, zedge, sleepbot tracker log and homework... and it still shows 43 MB FREE!!! :D nnnThe keyboard maybe a bit small for some but you can always rotate your screen for a better keypad. It also has an autocorrect which is accurate 98% of the time and is amazing! nnnThe processor speed may be 600 mhz but its not behind any of the midrange devices like the Galaxy ace and rarely lags. The processor is a Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon, Cortex A5 with Adreno 200 for smooth gaming, and believe me, when I say smooth gaming I really do mean it! Some high level games may hang a bit but all those I have tried so far haven't hanged. nnnComing from a blackberry 8520, I feel htc's wifi is much much better. The wifi on my BB was very weak and it wouldn't get detected even if I was in the same room as the router. The htc was a welcome change, the wifi never breaks and is quite strong even in far off areas. Internet browsing is very good, you can open up to 4 different tabs and navigating is easy. It also has auto align which aligns the text according to the screen so you wouldn't have to pan around to read. Thumbs up for this! nnnOne exceptional feature I noticed was in the set up. It asked me how it wanted to connect to the internet- through Wifi or the mobile network and it said to select wifi only if I didn't have a data plan. I chose that and from then onward each and every app worked through wifi, none used my mobile network [my previous phones although claimed to use wifi only used the mobile network :( ] And because my home has wifi, I was able to save a 100 bucks a month on the data plan for whatsapp and other chatting apps. Congratulations HTC! :D nnnI'm a teen and my day begins and ends with music, the music app is good. Specially the SRS enhancement which adds life to your music (provided you use nice headphones)! nnnThe camera is OK indoors but good outdoors. Its crap in the dark. If you're looking for a good camera in your phone I suggest you look somewhere else! Otherwise, 480p video recording is good too. And did I mention it has geo tagging and face detection too?nnnCall quality is very good. All the time I was on the phone I never experienced call breaks and there are a few very neat little features I would like to talk about- When your phone rings and you pick it up in your hands the ring quiets down! it's called quiet ring on pickup! The other is Flip For Speaker when you're on a call and you place it face down it automatically activated the speaker. And the last is pocket mode where it detects if its in a pocket or purse and automatically loudens up!! Cool right?nnnBattery life is good by android standards. If I don't use it frequently I charge it about once every two days. Otherwise, with frequent use you'll have to charge it daily. It shouldn't be a problem though because the charging time is approximately 30-50 minutes. nnnTo wrap it up, for me, it is an awesome choice. I needed texting and chatting, gaming, music, browsing, wifi, a little bit of calling and it provided it all! I'm addicted to this phone!nThe only downside is that I keep playing with it all the time and my mom keeps on shouting at me to put it down! LOL :D

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clarifications regarding explorer

this phone is probably going to be my android smartphone , off late I have spend a lot of time researching abt the phone & would clarify some issues regarding itnn1) processor speed is 600 mhz compared to samsung galaxy y 800mhz but htc has done a excellent job by providing a separate graphics chip adreno 200. probably for the first a entry level phone with a separate graphics chip . We all know from our PC usage separate gpu makes a lot of difference.So the low speed of proccesor should not be an issue.nn2) box does not contain headset probably a cost cutting measure from HTC , it would have been nice had they included it bit its not a deal breaker.nn3) The back panels are interchangable which is going to be great ,the panels are already avavilable with htc uk website and the white one looks quite elegant.nn4) The screen resolution is higher than that of galaxy y nn5)It has HTC sense 3.5 , the latest version of htc user interfacennIf you are a person for whom quality is important then you could go for HTC explorer or if price is more important then you could go for galaxy y

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Overall a Good Phone

First of all to answer all users queries, the phone comes with Earphones and 8 GB Memory Card outside the box ( 2GB inside the phone) when bought from Flipkart.nnPros:n1. Resolution is better than all Samsung phones.n2. Latest processor GPU, 512 MB RAM. Phone doesn't lags or hangs or shuts down. But due to heavy consumption of certain apps, it causes the Force closing of that particular app. Multitasking is brilliant. 4-5 applications run at a time seamlessly.n3. Beautiful UI by HTC Sense. Everything at one touch can be acheived by easy customization.n4. Battery backup is better than any other phones. I see people claiming a day with heavy usage but I can get upto 8-9 hours with heavy usage of GPRS and browsers.n5. For female users: It has a cute charger. lolnnCons:n1. Camera is not what this phone is made for. If you looking for good camera switch to something else.nnLittle disappointed with Flipkart service. Took 6 days to reach. And more than a week to claim the 3 days price guarantee (Still a useful policy).

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Hi,nnI was on the look out for a entry level/mid range android phone and finally narrowed down my choices to the LG optimus NET and the HTC explorer. The optimus NET looked better on paper with a faster processor and a larger battery. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, one on one this phone is far better than the competition in terms of build quality and performance. Without question, The HTC UI is simply the best.No wonder their phones sell at a premium in terms of pricing compared to similar spec phones of other brands. What one should realise is that HTC is a specialist mobile manufacturer and their forte is making mobile phones, therefore there are no compromises unlike samsung, LG etc who make everything under the sun.nnThe phone is very smooth and works well without lags of any kind. As far as the internal storage is concerned, though the box says 90 MB what is actually available is nearly 110 MB. U will get this info in the storage settings option. I dont see what the fuss is all about, most apps can be moved to the memory card so it does not really matter. If it is such a big deal then just root the phone and clear the unnecessary apps which cannot be moved to the SD card, problem solved.nnMy only gripe is the lack of auto focus and LED flash in the camera, other than that no issues whatsoever.nnAnd oh, forgot to mention the boot up time, it boots incredibly fast in a matter of seconds. Its as if the phone is on stand-by mode. Starts up in a flash:-)nnGreat buy at the price and trust me guys, once u get used to HTC sense UI, nothing else will be good enough.

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