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do not buy

my wife bought me the phone.nOrder number - OD30613091045nI loved the phone. Looks amazing.nSpeaker stopped working after a month..nThe car app started behaving weirdly.nit has been in service center for past 40 days. they will not replace the phone nor do they know how to fix it. The replacement warranty is only valid for the first 14 days after purchase which is a pretty bad deal. They have a repair warranty but unfortunately the customer care does not know how to service the phone.nReply from customer care on asked when my phone will be fixed " Sir, HTC one is a new phone. This is why there are no available spare parts for the phone. You have no choice but to wait for the spare part which may come next month from Taiwan. It is manufactured there. We do not give you a spare phone to use in that time. There is no 100% guarantee that we can give you. For sure we will repair it but we cannot specify a date".nFrom this I'm sure you guys know how bad the after sales service is of HTC one.nThe customer care is ill trained and does not support customers who have spent 40k for their flagship phone.nAgreed the phone looks great and sounds great and feels great... but if you face any hardware issues.. you'l have to buy a new phone or wait a couple of months for the part to reach India from Taiwan. I guess someone walks all the way from Taiwan to deliver parts to other parts of the world.nJokes aside, I had a really frustrating experience with HTC. nWill never make the HTC mistake again. nOh and one more thing, HTC never responds to your negative feedback surveys and you have no means to contact the supervisor of the customer care to escalate your concerns.

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HORRIBLE HTC INDIA SERVICEnnI bought a brand new HTC one on 1st Aug 2013 (3.5 months old now) nIMEI: 35443505259477nn1.) I submitted the phone in TVS-E SERVICETEC LTD, Basavangudi, Bangalore for a back panel replacement under warranty since it had a poor print.n They changed the back panel, with a GAP NEAR THE VOLUME BUTTON.n DATE of submission: 16th sept 2013.n Recieved after a week.n When the questioned the gap, they told me they have to order a part and asked me to wait for 5 days and submit the phone to them again.n I went to the center 3 to 4 times enquiring about the part and they where always out of stock and hence they would not fix the GAP issue.n Finally they told me to go to jayanagar service center and ask them to send my phone to head office for repair.nn2.) I submitted the phone in PRAMANIK MOBILE SERVICE, Jayanagar, Bangalore to fix the GAP issue.n Absolutely no work done on the phone when i recieved it after a weekn DATE of submission: 5th nov 2013n recieved on: 11th nov 2013nn3.) I resubmitted the phone in PRAMANIk MOBILE SERVICE n This time they fixed the GAP issue , but came along with it TWO SCRATCHES ON the screen, tiny gaps near the screen and the phone would NOT CHARGE!!n DATE of submission: 12th nov 2013n recieved on: 16th nov 2013nn4.) I Had to resubmit the phone today (18th nov 2013) asking them to fix all the above mentioned issues.nnInspite of continuous poor services provided to me, HTC has denied to give me a replacement.nEvery time i call them they say they are extremely sorry and that they understand my frustration and that they would go their job this time.nBut so far instead of fixing problems they are creating me new ones and giving me back.nnHence everytime i gave the phone to them , they would return it to me with a brand new problem.nEvery time i went to the service center there was atleast one person who was facing simlar poor servicing problems from HTC. nnI will suggest not to buy a HTC phone, since they have horrible after sales service.nnPreethamn9980603673

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please be careful while ordering the model, check the model number details in the review below

- People who review should be careful before jumping to conclusion, this is a dual SIM phone availble in both na) CDMA and GSM nb) WCDMA and GSM ncombitnations, and HTC inida website says 900 /1800 MHZ for WCDMA and 800/1900 MHZ for CDMA EVDO rev 1nnSo please be careful before ordering which model number you order as per my research on chinese web site and XDA forum:n- HTC One 802d is CDMA variant i.e one sim slot for 2g and other slot for CDMA i.e will second sim will work only with operators like MTS, Reliance CDMA and TATA CDMA n- HTC One 802w is 3G/WCDMA variant i.e one sim for 2g and other for 3G/WCDMA i.e both sim will accept more popular providers like Airtel, Voda, Idea, Docomo, Reliance GSM etc. so it can work in 2G+2G or 2G + 3G/WCDMA nnat speculated pirce of INR 46,495 this seems a bit high, should be priced under 40k. i think from the specs and performance prospective this is proven one.nnI was planning to buy this from China as this one already available there, but at current rupee rate this would be unwise to do. So i will wait for it to reappear here.nnDetailed reviews cane be found on internet with benchmark scores, pros and cons.nnUpdated: i called a seller selling this product, HTC One 802d is the version that is released in india and it works with GSM upto edge + GSM upto 3G in dual active mode here, due to frequency match and it works only on a particular CDMA frequency that is prevelant in US.

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plzzzz dont buy this !!

i bought the single sim version of this phone on flipkart .. the phone was actually awesome nd i loved it nbut just on the second day it slipped from my pocket nd fell glass facing the floor nd it got shattered completely .n,..i took it to the service center and they said it costs around 22k-27k o repair the glass and atleast 2 months for it as they have to send the phone outside india ..nnit is almost impossible to repair the phone ..this uses zero gap technology and the parts are welded together ..the 1080 display too has to be replaced along with the gorilla glass ..nd the glass can only be removed using a heat gun and a suction cap..nnThis has got Ifixit repairability rating of 1/10 which is terribly low ( lowest ever for any phone ) .. nnso ppl .. pleast think before buying ...youll never kno when accidensts happen .. just a small drop nd your 50k is lost forever ..

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HTC ONE is better option in day to day tasks, benchmarks scores of S4 are one side of the coin

SPEED TEST- Benchmark tests scores are one side of the coin,,,You can search youtube for speed test of htc one and s 4 side by side, result- htc one though 1.7 ghz opens apps and games quicker than s4, reason- touchwiz needs optimization although s4 has raw power, sense 5 is light and doesn't add load to User interface making it faster than touchwiz no matter how many apps you openn2. CAMERA- ultrapixel vs megapixel : s4 does better job in day light conditions but in low light , it can't match quality of HTC one, i personally take photos in parties and functions that are organised at night.n3. STORAGE: s4 comes with around 8 GB available space, yes you can add micro sd card , HTC one comes with around 26 GB available space, no micro SD but flash storage is 5X faster than SD cards. HTC one does has option where all the mass storage, pc suite, tethering, debugging options work simultaneously with plugging of usb, no need to switch, yes you can change options.n4.TOUCHWIZ VS SENSE 5: too much is not always better thats what HTC has learnt from its previous sense versions, touchwiz has everything but will you use it???? It also slows down the User interface.n5. BATTERY: More capacity doesn't mean more usage time, we know how small battery of iphone beats most 2000 Mah+ battery. HTC ONE gives more web browsing hours than s4. Touchwiz is more responsible.nRemovable battery is not a issue unless you carry 2 or 3 batteries with you. The battery life is improved a lot in non removable batteries, will run flawlessly for years.n6.BUILT QUALITY: You know who wins although i like s4 polycarbonate body, HTC is all from a different league.n7.SPEAKERS: Hats off to BOOMSOUND on HTC ONE, 94db 1st time on any smartphone with dual front speakers and beats amplifier, no need to tell who wins.n8.EARPHONE EXPERIENCE- looking for something like beats headphones by dr dre, HTC stock earphones with htc one gives really best experience of deep bass and vocals you ever had on any smartphone. The earphones sound quality is close to dr dre's beats tour headphones, music lovers will really appreciate the quality, in other words, you can call its earphones the unofficial beats earphones, though the quality of material is no where when compared to expensive beats earphones, the music quality is as close as 10 decibels with ability to produce deep bass clocking at 100 db, best stock earphones to have on any smartphone. n9. PRICE: s4 - 40299 INR with emi option, HTC ONE on snapdeal- 40890 INR with emi option.nBoth are best in league but i think if you don't want gimmicks, HTC one gets a thumbs up, even S4 is great but its more about hype rather than the truth( 10 millions s4sold in 1 month proves this, just like people were crazy behind iphone but then they realized how open android is, and now apple is losing customers to android )nFLIPKART do note that your competitors are selling HTC ONE at reduced pricenBut i can assure you about the quality from FLIPKART.

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