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Huawei Ascend Mate
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Huawei Ascend Mate
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Kudos to Huawei for this Machine

I was searching for bigger screens and came to know abt Galaxy megas and now ascend mate recently seeing a newspaper..nnHere are my conclusions when i compared it with Galaxy mega 6.3nngalaxy Mega 6.3 VS Huawei Ascend mate. nn1.Android v4.2 vs v4.1----Winner GM.nn2.User interface--Touchwiz vs emotion-----Winner GM.nn3.Processor--1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Dual Core vs 1.5 GHz Hi-Silicon K3V2 + Intel XMM6260, Quad Core.......HAM is way ahead..GM with advanced but a dualcore processor is no more before Hi-Silicon processor n will suck..nn4.Graphics--Adreno 305 vs 16core OMG!----HAM all the way.nn5.TFT vs LCD..Thumbs up for LCD and HAM had IPS display of toshiba with C Gorilla glass------GM seems to be a lame duck in this dept.nn6.Battery--3200 Mah vs 4050 Mah-------Clearly Huawei done a fab job..with 0.2inch smaller screen & 850mah more battery,HAM is a clear winnernn7.RAM :1.5gig vs 2gig---HAM.nn8.Price--GM 6.3 is Rs.30,900/- and HAM is Rs.24,900/------Biggest plus of everything.nn9.GM had plastic finish whereas HAM had it with matte .--HAM stands tall.nnI just compared the important specs which people look for..nnGalaxy mega 6.3(2/9) and Huawei Ascend mate (7/9)....nnThis Huawei beats Galaxy mega 6.3 on any day...spec wise..performance wise..Specially lookwise....If you are wishing to go with large screens, then go with Huawei Ascend Mate....nnOnly advantage of GM is front camera of 1.9MpnnDownfall of SSUNG started................

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Frustrating experience with Huawei after sales service

Dont go by sweet reviews of the phone. Has anybody checked the after sales serevice? I will tell you my experience with services in Pune.nnI bought a new Acsend Mate smart phone device on 26th JUly from Flip cart. Accidently touch screen and sides of the the phone got damaged.I tried to call service centre(Spectra Tradelink) in Pune which was not reachable through out.nnI went to the service Centre on 2nd Sep to handover the phone for repair. They checked the phone, gave it back to me and asked me to fill up a form (Token No 3162) by mentioning the details like IMEI, Model no etc.. They told me that they dont have the details/parts available with them since it is a new model and they will call me back in couple of days.nnI waited for their call till Thursday(5th Sep) and tried to call the phone number(020-40084161) to check status of my complaint but as usual phone number was unreachable, even after trying for several times during the day.nnI called customer care number (18002096555) and explained everything, I was aked to visit the service center and call customer care from there. I insisted customer care to call them directly and check the status as I dont want to act as a coordinator between customer care and service provider, besides it is more than 10 KM away. I can not travel more than 10 KM just to hear that 'we have nnnot received the parts and we will call you back as soon as we receive'.nnOn Sep 6th,I tried to call service centre again.Luckily, this time it got connected.As expected, they repeated the same thing that 'we have not received the parts and we will call you back as soon as we receive it', So disappointing! When I asked about the time line, they said we cant give any time line. nnOnce again I called customer care and explained the situation, and again I was asked to visit the service centre and give a call from there.Customre care took my complant (ref:E06092013) and informed that I will be receiving call from backoffice, again not ETA for this.nnOn 11th Sep I called customer care again to check the status of my complaint, as expectedly they replied 'It is in process and our backend team will contact you as soon as possible'. When I insisted on time line, there was not time line. They just speak standard line 'Backend team will contact as soon as possible' When I asked them to escalate and talk to a senior, they replied their senior is busy please call after 30 mins.nnToday (13th Sep) I tried to call service centre in Pune, but again phone not reachable. When I called up customer care, They repeated the same old line 'Backend team will contact as soon as possible'nnI am regretting to purchase such an expensive device without proper service quality, (e.g Nokia provides instant service with 30-60 minutes with parts replacements).It seems people who reviewed the phone on flipcart did not have the horrible experience of Huewei after sales service.nnIn brief following are my remarks on Huawei Services.nn- Service Centre do not have details/Parts available with them, and they dont give an ETA. There should be a defined time lines within which services/feedback be provided.n- Phone number of service provider not reachable most of the time. n-Customer should be provided timely feedback if there is a delay, You should not expect customer to visit service centre just to know the same status.n-Customer care should be willing to call and coordinate with service centre regarding any issue if it not getting resolved, instead of asking customer to visit service centre and give a call back. Customer just needs to get the issue resolved, he should not act as a coordinator between customer care and service centre.n-I have been searching for flip cover in India since I got the phone but unable to find one. If a device is launched, necessary accessories should also be made avaialable with it. In my case, had I found a flip cover, it could have saved from the damages. Due to this I will have to pay the price for damages simply because there are no flop covers available for Ascend Mate which is very basic and important accessory. I just see a cover available on flipcart since few days.nnIf you want to purchance Ascend mate, just pray to God that it works properly for life time and you will never have to experience frustrating Huawei after sales service.nnI contacted Sevice centre on 2nd Sep.They accepted the phone on 16th Sep, they are going to charge me Rs.9000 as it will require replacement of mic,speaker and screen whereas only screen was damaged. Although till today (13th Oct), I have not received the phone. Hopefully I ll get it next week. God bless to all how bought Huawei Ascend Mate because only prayers will help.

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I am happy with the gadget

This review is for those guys, who believe that the reviews are generally posted by Site Employees to increase their sales an popularity. But this is not true in all the cases. This is a real review. You can also find my page on FB. Search for Xrayed on FB an upcoming mobile info page.nnLets start. Hello, my name is Amit Ranjan and I love electronic gadgets especial Phones, Gaming Consoles, TV, AUdio Systems etc.I am also a first time HUawei user, I am a Motorola and HTC fan. Accidently, while looking for Huawei DataCard driver, I came across this phone past 4-5 months , when Huawei China declared on their website about this product. I enquired couple of chines sites like Aliexpress for its price. But there, its price was around 30-35K INR. So I dropped plan to order from there,as they were without any warranty. On last sunday i was amazed to see its listing on flipkart having INR 24900 only. (Actually , I was looking for any upcoming news on Canvas 4 over flipkart). I ordered immediately. And as expected on wednesday, i had my package. nnnWhats New:nnnHuawei has really made a big break through. Also it has a lineup of few cool phone to come up. Now believe, gone is Samsung Era. Huawei, Micromax, Karbonn, Intex, Fly like brands are the future. Samsung, HTC, Motorola are going to be like IPHONE in coming future. nnPROS and CONSnnLets talk some PROS and CONS. Its hardly a day or two I am writing my review. nn1. Phone looks stunning. Tired of old crappy , plastic look and feel or Samsung. If you keep SG Grand and SG S4. Both looks alike. LOL. nn2. Fits in hand and has anti slip grip bcoz of matte finish at back.nn3. Screen is large. 6.1 inches. Far enough for browsing, emails, chattings etc. But this large screen sometimes tores the existing app graphics. nn4. DTS Sound. if you have nice booming headsets/earplugs , you will definetly enjoy each and every beat of the music.nn5. HW Acceleration : You can watch FULL HD movies without any laggings.nn6. Connectivity : Not but as compared to Samsung Mega 6.3. But here in India we hardly use DLNA, NFC, LTE etc. Cool thing is that it has 42mbps 3G support. Killing speed over 3G.nn7. Screen : PPI is low 250. Not very much crispy but you cant feel it. Looking very closely and deeply will give you the feel. Colours are not vivid also , but you have options to set Colour Temperature in display. Corning Gorilla Glass with GLOVE Mode support. That is during winter you can use your phone without putting off your gloves. Samsung Mega too has this feature, but first announced by HUAWEI in this MWC 2013.nn8. Most important. 1.5 GHZ Quadcore (Home brewed CPU) with 16-Core GPU and 2GB RAM.nn9. Network drivers and CPU designs are developed with collabration of Intel.nn10. Massive battery : 4050 mAh. I had 14 hrs with full usage in full brightness. So if choose to go for battery saving mode, you can juice it to 25-30 hrs. Means in general 2 days of usage only no over night usage.nnAnd lots more to discover. nnCONS:nn1. Even it has 16 core graphics CPU, but if you play Subway Surfer and Asphalt 7, screen lags little bit.n2. Camera sucks in low light. But In daylight and outside its a nice snapper. Snapped one has dull colors. But you can Record videos in FULL HD mode with stablization option.n3. Battery is not user replaceable.n4. 198g and 9.5mm - should b thin and lightnnFinally, the major rival of this phone in market is Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Which is priced at 30K. At some points Mega is winner but if you compare the prices HUAWEI is value for money {INR 7000 difference}. If you add that much difference amount to mega you can have S4. nnBefore buying, check out for Huawei Service Center and their reputation in your area. As in delhi I believe , there might be numerous one. But in other cities i think only few. So its your money, think properly and act wisely. Don't go on my words.

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Common mans review

I am writing this review for the layman keeping all the technical aspects aside.nnIts been almost a month since I bought this phone. Checked the reviews here and it got almost 5*. I read through them and was convinced that this is the phone I need (Especially seeing so much praise for the battery).nnI received this Phone and within a day I was disappointed as people had said the battery stayed for 2 to 3 days and mine was drained out within a day. I had huge hopes as my previous phone was a Nokia E72 which comfortably stayed alive for 3 days. I tried changing a few settings and nothing helped and I ended up charging the phone twice a day. Getting fed up of this I called up Flipkart and they gladly gave me a replacement.nnAgain I received the replacement and well, the battery was better, but not upto the mark. I installed battery doctor and some googling has atlast helped me get battery backup for 2 days :) . No complaints there now. Seems some corrupt files in my memory card was the root cause. Anyway Thanks flipkart for replacing the phone without any issues.nnComing back to the review of the phone:nn1. Myth buster. Google Play does come installed on the device. You don't have to root the device as 1 of the reviews state. Even I was doubtful about this. But both the phones I got had google play installed and I have installed so many apps from Google play store.nn2. Display is amazing. The contrast is superb and Video playback quality is crisp.nn3. Audio playback is good. Speakers are amazing. Listening to music on the handsfree is an amazing experience with the Dolby Effect adding to the quality.nn4. No problems in making and receiving calls. The audio quality of calls is good. Even with speakers and keeping a fair distance from the phone the person on the other end had no problems listening to me.nn5. Huawei Emotion UI. Well people say its a bit different with the App drawer missing. For me it was irrelevant as I was using Symbian before :P . But no problems there. I compared it with Samsung. The app drawer is just like a folder. You can arrange your icons here just like that. Just a little bit of difference in the User interface.nn6. The biggest advantage or a disadvantage for some maybe the huge screen. The screen is amazing. The size is just ok for your jeans pocket. Its just that one pocket of the jeans will have to be dedicated for this. It just fits in and it will take a few days for you to get used to the size. For talking directly on may look a little weird first..but with time you will get used to the stares. Or you can use the handsfree or a bluetooth headset.nn7. As for looks. It looks amazing. It has gorilla glass, so no fear of scracthes, The back side is finger print free. You need not worry much. It is a sturdy phone and feels very good to hold.nn8. Games. I played quite a few of the general games. Nothing high end. But none of them had any issues or lagging. It just went on really smooth. Perfect gaming experience for me.nn9. Themes. Its an extra with the Emotion UI. You can change the themes and the icons. It has a few inbuilt ones which gives a different look all together. Its a good add on.nn10. If you are concerned that you wont get the scratch guard or hard cover for this, well the concern is genuine and even I faced this. Asked around a few shops and noone had anything for this. Nothing on the indian sites too. Just a little more research got me to a TVC site from where I got a leather jacket and a scratch guard dead cheap. For around 6$ I had everything I needed and got it delivered to my home in 10 days. (Of course it came from Hong Kong so took this much time..but it was worth the wait). You can email me if you want to get more details. (bijoy3d at-gmail)nn11. The box contained just the basic stuff. The phone, charging cable (which could have been longer which acts as a Data cable too) and the hands free. Black Phone and white accessories.nn12. I added it up with a 32 GB class 10 Micro SD. You can add till 64 GB according to specs.nn13. All apps work like a charm in this. I have not faced any issue with any of the App yet.nn14. Price. All this for this price..its a steal. Samsung with the same configuration would cost around 37k. This is a monster packaged at a very competitive price.nnnSo overall verdict.nIts a great phone. Go ahead and buy it you don't care about the size of the phone you have to carry. Performance wise its an amazing phone. No glitches whatsoever. Amazing battery, screen, audio and very sturdy. You won't regret buying this phone. nnHave fun everyone. And you can contact me if you want to know anything specific. I would be happy to help.nnThanks,nBijoynnEDIT: Its almost 1 year since I bought this beast and I just wanted to update that it running perfectly without any problems till now. Amazing video and music quality (I use it everyday to watch/hear songs on youtube while I am cooking). Atleeast I have not faced any problems till date. All smooth

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Don't Purchase Huawei Ascend Mate 4th Day it was giving problem. It's True

Hi,nnI bought the product on 5th Friday through Flipkart. I received on Monday 8th.nnAfter received the product- 4th It was giving problem and Full shutdown. Still it was not coming up and Giving problems. Emotion UI was not capable to handle in Multitasking and advanced applications.nnPlease Don't Go for Huawei Ascend Mate.nnImportant - Still they didn't collect the product. 5 times i called customer care and 2 times i send a mail.nnI am planning to go Consumer court to file the complaint with all the proofs if they didn't give money.nnGo for Samsung or HTC or other brands.nnThanksnnKapil

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