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Honor 4C
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Rs 8,999
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Honor 4C
Out of Stock
₹ 8,999
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CAMERA and Everything for Rs.8999 is GREAT.

If you are budget and CAMERA specific, then this one is for you.(UPDATED 15.10.2015) nCamera :- nRear 13MP has 1/3.06" sensor from Sony (IMX 214), which gives good results than Any other phone(like Lenovo A6000,6000plus,7000 etc) in this price range. Full HD videos are crystal clear without any staggering@30fps and photos in low light are good too. Videos are recorded in MP4 format and not 3gp which is a great advantage. People should be aware of the IMAGE SENSOR SIZE and NOT the MEGAPIXEL factor.n nFront camera is a fixed focus camera with 1/4" sensor from OmniVision(OV5648). you can take Beautiful HD(720p) videos without any staggering @ 30fps in MP4 format ( 99percent of mobiles with price range of Rs.12-13k perform poor with low fps and they do stagger). 5MP is great with clear details. Beauty mode kills the originality, so kindly use normal photo mode. Selfies won't disappoint you. nn- Battery hardly lasts only for a day on an above normal usage. And 100 percent comes to 83 percent overnight in standby. May be because of Octa-Cores eating the battery. Honor is spoiling the brand name of Huawei with this one phone.....You can Foresee (4c). The other features of the phone will make you forget the battery. Battery is A issue but you will get used to it, until Huawei makes an update to solve it. nn- Lollipop Update available, which( both Beta B302 and B330 version) also eats the battery like the KitKat. No point in updating. KitKat update with "Firmware/Software of Honor 4C with improved battery performance" is available in Pakistan Huawei Website and it will not work for us. Google search for the words within "------", you will come to know. nnLatest KitKat update from Huawei India website is a bit more stable than the one which is available at honor India website . No point, it also eats the battery. Compatible KitKat Firmware versions for Indian Honor 4C so far released are battery eaters (B063, B070, B130-available at Vietnam site). nn- User Interface EMUI 3.0 is very simple, basic and very Easy to use.n- Touch is Silky Smooth with ultra-fast response. n- NO 60fps or 120fps recording in camera n- Call quality is excellent. Speaker phone is OK, loud and above average or better than Honor Holly. If you want a blasting sound speaker phone then this will not suit you. n- Display is absolutely great and far far better than Lenovo A6000 plus.n- 2GB RAM is great and about 1.27Gb is free all the timen- 64 Bit, 8 Core processor eats any game with ease and it is 2x faster than quad-core snapdragons in all aspects.n- Continuous gaming and usage warms the phone. Heat is bearable and not as hot as iphone or samsung.n- in-built phone manager app clears the junk and cache, whenever needed and background running apps can be controlled via phone manager app n- Package comes with Screen Guard and charger kit. NO ear phones. n- Dual Micro-SIM, Both are 3G and NO 4G in this version(4G is related to hardware of the phone and is NOT software specific. No 4G is absolutely no 4G). Net connectivity is superb.n- Internet access is goodn- USB OTG function is available !!!!!n- 3.38 GB available on board. Top it up with an external memory(32GB Available) card of 16GB class 10 from Transcend or Sandisk. nnIf the battery issue is solved, You won't look upon other upcoming phones for the next two years at-least. nnHUAWEI means "Just buy it. It won't let you down"(for the price you are paying) but to honor the 4c, better go for Honor 4x(you won't regret and i have that too)n nEverything for the price of Rs.8999 is GREAT.nProduct delivered in just two days.Thankyou Flipkart.

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Typical chinese product

I purchased this phone on 10th May and received it on 12th and here's my review of the phone -nThis phone is packed with great features for the price, no doubt about it. However, the problem is with the battery. I used the phone with 2G network, zero brightness and minimal calls. Absolutely no gaming/facebook/camera usage/GPS usage. They claim the battery to be 2550mAh but it doesn't even last for 10 hours with minimal usage! I had to charge the phone twice a day. I requested for a replacement and flipkart promptly replaced the product without any questions asked. I received the new piece on 20th May and it was the same issue with the new piece too. Additionally, there was another issue - a yellow patch on the bottom of the screen. The patch was uniform - about 1 cm from the bottom of the screen hence I requested for replacement again. And now the phone is completely DEAD. All I did was I turned on the Alarm and went to bed. The next day I woke up and the phone was completely dead. I tried the hard reset but no use. nnSo guys, please think twice before buying this phone.

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How to fix the battery drain issue and in review of the phone in short.

Battery draining issue could be solved by these steps. n1: Update all your apps after receiving the phone.n2. Clear partition cache after updating the apps.n3: Go to Settings>Manage apps>All>Google Search>Force stop the app and then disable it.n4: Restart the phone.n5. Leave your phone for few hours and you'll notice that the battery drain issue is fixed. n***How to clear partition cache***n>Switch of your phone.n>Hold volume up and power key at the same time. Leave the keys ONLY AFTER THE HONOR LOGO APPEARS (Important)n>Use the volume keys to navigate and go to the last option "Wipe Cache Partition" and use the power key to select it.n>After the process is complete use the power key to select reboot.n(Wiping the partition cache is absolutely safe and won't delete any data from your phone) nnNow coming on to the phone, this is the best smartphone you can buy under 10k, PERIOD!nnThe phone looks great, will give you the premium feeling of a 30k phone. It is very well built with no creaking sound present anywhere. The display quality is great, the icons pop out on the screen and watching pictures and movies on it is a treat. There's no screen protection but they provide a good quality screen guard in the box so its not a problem.nnThe performance of the phone is amazing with no lag whatsoever. I've played high end games like MC5, Asphalt 8 and Nova 3 on highest graphics setting and have never experienced any lag. There are some frame drops some times but nothing you can't live without.nnThe UI is very good with lots of customization features. I've fallen in love with the Magazine unlock which changes the lockscreen wallpaper every time I unlock the phone. nnThe camera is the best in this price range. Pictures taken in outdoor conditions have lots of detail and colours come out amazingly good. In normal indoor conditions the pictures are very good too and in really low light they're still very much usable with very low visible noise. There are lots of feature like All-Focus and Watermark which come out handy in different scenarios.The only thing I'm not happy with is the flash, it is not as powerful as it should have been.nnBattery is very good if you do what I said previously in the review. I get around 6 and a half hour of on screen time spread around a whole day with facebook, browsing internet, whatsapp, taking few pictures and a little bit of gaming.nnA lot of you must be confused between Lenovo A7000, Yu Yureka and Honor 4c like I was few days back. Just go for Honor 4c, you won't regret the choice.

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Its an amazing performer under rs 9000.. .. first of all the main pros are ___n1- no heating while playing games (1hours)..n2- playable all kind of games without any bit of laggg.(asphalt 8, mc4, dead trigger 2, nova 3 etc...)n3- amazing camera , super clarity all lighting conditions (the rear 13mp sony cam captured pic size is 9mb so the clarity u imagine.. full hd video clarity is also awesome) (front cam is 5mp is morethan enough for better selfies..from omnivision)..n4-the ram is 2gb but (u can use 1.35 gb ram for multitasking....ys it is enough for alll things...just 600 mb used for OS)..n5- the processor is having 8 "hands" for taking u to a dream world.....!!!....(the performance is just like ur dreams)....n6- soon we will get lolipop....!!!!!n7-lots of sensors for gaming..!!!( gyro, gravity,light,rotation vector,compass,accelerometer,proximity... n few more..)))....n8- gesture based app accessibility..!!!!n9- sd card lock..n10-encrypted data storage(for safe ur valuable secrets..)..n11-enable/disable app accessing ur internet connectivity....(this cool feature allows u to block much app background internet accessing without ur permission...)n12-magazine themes...(is doing an interesting things when ur screen is ready to swipe to unlock))..n13-USB OTG IS SUPPORT..... !!!!!!n14-black color is more effective n looks royal than white...n15-the DTS sound out put just like what the LION is doing....n16-dual mic for call n noise cancellation..n17-battery covered with heat protection material....n18-the phone is 4g.... but (we can now use only 3g in both sims..bcz of software modification and for cutting the price..)...(if u root n install honor 4x custom rom u ll get both 4g !!!)..n19- notificatons, shortcuts and user interface are very well designed..n20- back panel made n design is gooodd..with lots of gripppp..n21- call quality and clarity is superb....n22-the amzing blackwaterfall display with 720 digree viewing angle...(non air gap display produce 3d like output..).n23-touch is butter smooth n responsive..n24-battery backup for 1day with various type usages.n25-predefined cleaner and battery saver....n26- multi color notification led..n27- dual type brightness adjustments... n28- u can charge others mobile battery from this phone......nCons are.....n1- just 8 gb internal storage(3.8 is user available... is enough for this price).n2- No back lit buttons....n4- ""now no 4g""...( install custom rom for 4g)..n5- non removable battery.. nI love it ... go for ittt...nI ll be back soon for more...!!

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no responce from flipkart

no responce from flipkart regarding my hounur 4C mobile. the mobile was heating and drying battery.

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