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Honor 5X
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Honor 5X is "awesome".

pros:n1.Build quality: With metallic Body ( Doesn't get any better than this).n2. Battery life: Has been good for the most part. With moderate to heavy usage or even while playing heavy graphic games easily lasts for 6 hrs. Great optimization by Huawei . Even though the battery capacity is lower than One plus 2 , the optimization makes it a much better. This being my primary requirement, I've been really impressed.n3. Camera: 13 mp camera doesn't disappoint ( Clear sharp images under good light conditions ) ; Tons and tons of customization options like food mode, slow motion etc. Low light condition clicks under perform though. n4. Fingerprint sensor: The sensor is amazingly fast to response and the placement is perfect for the index finger. Besides unlocking it provides customization functions like swipe down opens up notification panel etc. This sensor is supposedly the fastest in the smartphone market right now.n5. Sound quality: Sound from the speaker is pretty loud. Even the sound quality from the headphone has been amazing so far.n6. Performance: Performance is fluid and RAM optimization is superb as well.n7. USB OTG: Fantastic support. Phone was able to recognize my 500 GB hard drive as well.nnCons:n1. Only charging Adapter ; data cable ; user Manuel are found In-Side Box; No headphones included in the sales package but announced in description. n2. When it comes to updates, Huawei hasn't promised for Marsh-mellow update.n3. Phone does tend to get warm (not hot) when using power intensive application.n4. Even though the build quality is great, the metal on back makes it slippery to hold.n5. Display ppi is quite low.n6. Double tap feature not responding faster.n6. Home;back & recent key are kept inside the display screen,( like MOTO Brands ).n7. Voice wake Up / Smart key are not yet added where other brands recommend's this feature.nnGuys I Will recommend this Mobile To anyone Whoever has This Budget Its An Excellent Mid Range Flagship Phone From Huawei....value for money..

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worth for money

I ordered the Gold color and it is looking perfect.nI have used this phone around two days and my findings are as below.n1. Build: The build quality is very nice. All metal body.n2. Camera: Main camera is very good in good light and in very low light camera is average.nFront camera is very good for selfie and I am very much satisfied with it.n3. Battery: Till now I find Battery is above average.n4. Performance: It is very smooth not felt any lag.n5. Fingerprint scanner: It is working very fast and without error.n6. Sound: The sound is loud. I was able to hear even in crowd.n7. The only thing missing, I think is gorilla glass protection. There is screen protector film on the screen but I am not sure about quality, better I will go for Tempered Glass.nOverall I am very happy with this phone.

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My new GF is honor 5X ;

I am using this phone since a week. nLet me mention everything I felt within a week of moderate to heavy usage.n1. The very first thing to look at is itslim n sexy look with metal back.nn2. After switching it on, the very first thing I did was to install Nova Launcher as I am used to app drawer. ZENUI is better here as it offers both type of layout.nI Uninstalled or disabled nearly every preinstalled app which I dont use like facebook, instgram, etc. Also I reduced the font size from settings as the default font size was quite large than other phones.nn3. The UI isn't smooth in terms of performance although the phone has octa core processor and 1GB RAM free out of 2GB provided. For those for whom performance is important than battery life, goto power savings in settings and switch to normal mode which is set to smart power saving by default.UI has some great features like you can set to view network speed in notification bar.nn4. You have an inbuilt app lock provided with fingerprint unlocking.Open phone manager app and swipe right and you will get app lock option.nn5. Battery is decent. Will get you throughout the day. On continuous browsing on Google Chrome, I got screen on time of 50 min for each 10 percent charge on mobile network. I used a Zenfone 5 before so I know what a poor battery backup really means.nThe UI is optimized for maximum battery efficiency. The apps you install is set by default to close after the screen is off so you have to protect apps like Whatsapp for which you want real time notifications and you want them to run in background even after the screen goes off. Goto settings> privacy and security> Protected apps to do the same.nn6. Rear Camera gives decent pictures. Although focusing and shutter speed is slower, nothing to complain about. It has a single flash still bright enough.nFront cam is also good.nn7. Only one speaker grill out of two is for speaker. The other one is for microphone.nSound is loud enough for me although clarity is below average on full volume.nn8. GPS is precise and fast enough.nnn9. Display is good. Its 1080p display and one can easily guess its quality. Also it has multicolor notification light.nn10. Fingerprint sensor is too good at this price range.nnNow the bad thingsn1.OTG is not supported. For those confused that this is a software bug, let me clear it out, its not supported by the hardware. I have tried Es file explorer, Solid File Explorer. None of them worked. I just can't understand why Huawei left it out.nn2. The phone sometime warms up during normal use. I cannot say it heats up but even under normal usage, the battery temperature is between 33 and 38C which rises to 45C during gaming which is an area of concern for gamers. Since I dont play, so not a concern for me.nn3. No gorilla glass and poor screen protector installed which catches a lot of oil from the fingers.nnSo people, think wisely and go for the phone only if OTG isn't in your priority list. For everything else, it's a decent phone.

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Best phone, go for it

I was confused in between Lenovo K4 note vibe, Le 1S and Honor 5x. Trusting Huewai, I ordered 5x and it was a good decision. Phone is very beautiful and nicely built. Performance is great. The UI lags sometimes, but no lags when using any app or playing games (Asphalt 8 runs super smooth). Also I had a talk with Huawei customer care and they told that EMUI 4 will be coming to this phone to make the UI more beautiful and smoother. Don't think much and just go for this phone.

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Excellent Metal Phone ...

Finger Print Sensor/Scannern1 0.5 Sec Unlock time.n2 Rim-free touch fingerprint sensorn3 Only 6 Attempts required learning the Finger print for the first time.n4 Machine Learning adapt to your finger print changes because of aging with 100% Accuracy n5 Secured and Trusted – ARM Trust Zone / Chip Level Security / Encrypted storagen6 Not just used for Unlocking , Answer call , Take photo/Video, Stop Alarm, Manage Notification Panel , Access Safe the File Manager ,Access safe the App Lock , Quick Launch Apps, Quick launch Calls , Enable Privacy protection using Visitor mode to hide Applications/ Albums and Contacts and its Messages/Call Records/ Notifications.n7 Can record up to 5 Finger prints.n8 360 Degree unlock n9 Can even unlock when the hands are wet. nnMetallic Bodyn1 Aircraft Grade aluminum/Magnesium Alloyn2 Available in 3 Colors : sunset gold, dark gray, and daybreak silver nnCameran1 Voice Shotn2 Best Photon3 Demist Filtern4 Food moden5 Perfect Selfien6 Beautification Featuren7 Time lapse Videon8 Panoraman9 HDRn10 All Focusn11 Watermarkn12 Slow Motionn13 Audio Noten14 Touch to Capturen15 Capture Smilesn16 Object trackingn17 Ultra Snap Shotn18 Finger print scanner for Clicksn19 Volume Down button for Clicksn20 Timer Shot … nnRF Performancen1 Patented Higher-order mode ring patch antenna and automatic band switching technology that delivers stronger signal.n2 Automatic band switching technology.n3 Optimized for superior network performance through testing in 30+ Countries.n4 Honor have various Intellectual Property around RF and Network which makes Mobile more smart to save battery using Smart Power 3.0 nnChipset [Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 MSM8939v2]n1 Huawei / Honor was the first customer to use MSM8939 and MSM8939V2n2 Huawei/Honor does more acceptances testing to meet commercial requirements. nNOTE: Lenovo Vibe p1 and Asus selfie and few other flagship phones are using MSM8939 , that the reason these user are facing huge battery drain and performance issues , this will not happen in 5X since is using MSM8939v2.

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