10 new level update available for the fans of Angry Birds Space

Rovio’s hit game for iOS and Android platforms Angry Birds Space has been updated with 10 new levels. You can update it by going through your App Store and you will receive all brand new 10 levels of Red Planet as well as bonus levels of curiosity rover. If you will be able to get all the three stars in these 10 levels then you will be rewarded with a bonus level which will lead you to a super bonus one too. It looks like fun in Angry Birds Space version is not going to stop yet.

Angry Birds Space new levels

Rovio is surely working pretty good to update its Angry Birds series from time to time. First Angry Birds game and then its other versions, then company came up with Angry Birds Space and Bad Piggies featuring the bad ass pigs of Angry Birds series. Rovio came up with lots of new characters and scenarios in Angry Birds Space version and also developed some levels for Mars Curiosity Rover in collaboration of NASA. This update is not just limited to only 10 new levels plus one bonus level. Actually if you complete the Super Bonus level by having full space eagle destruction meter then you will be awarded with 5 more levels. So overall this update is including 10 new levels, one bonus level, one super bonus level and 5 others. So if you are an Angry Birds fan and love shooting around the pigs using birds, then head towards the update section of play store or iTunes store to get all the updated levels on your device. Make sure to share this post with your friends too, because we know you won’t like them to miss the whole fun.