Jio says India will have 100-150 million 5G smartphones users before official 5G launch

Smartphone makers are expected to launch more 5G smartphones in the first half of 2022, before 5G's official rollout later in the year.

  • India will be equipped with a strong ecosystem of 5G smartphones, before the official rollout of 5G.
  • People are purchasing a new 5G smartphone in the country every day.
  • 5G spectrum auctions are expected to take place by the first half of 2022.

Reliance Jio, the number one telecom company in terms of market share in India, has made a new conclusive statement regarding future 5G operations in the country. According to the company (via ET Telecom), there will be at least 100 million to 150 million 5G smartphone users already in the market even before the official 5G launch.

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According to Sunil Dutt, President Devices Mobility and Mobility, Jio, by the time 5G networks go live, India will have a substantial 5G handsets consumer base in the market. So by that sense for the first time, India would be equipped with an ecosystem across most consumers, prior to the launch of a network.

Previously, whenever a new network technology was released, consumers immediately began purchasing mobile phones and other gadgets related to that network technology. But, for the first time, India will be prepared with an ecosystem of devices and diverse use-cases to implement 5G quickly and improve the economy, even before the networks are released.

Ready for the 5G revolution
Mobile phone buyers across the country are already buying new 5G smartphones every day. Even smartphone makers launch new 5G devices in India every month. But with this report, we can assume that even though it will be some time before everyone in India can use 5G, still 5G smartphones are expected to sell at a rapid pace.

The 5G frequency auction will also is not expected to happen before June 2022. All the private telecom operators are also conducting 5G trials in government allocated spectrum, whenever they are asked to participate in the auction. However, to offer 5G to everyone, we need to offer some smartphones at a budget price as well. Moreover, one of the biggest problems with 5G smartphones today is that everything is too expensive due to the high cost of the chipset from vendors like Qualcomm and MediaTek. Thus Jio also expects that the demand for 5G will spread across all price categories, by the time we have an official rollout.

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