23 apps identified with PhoneSpy malware that spies on you: report

  • The spyware is able to steal crucial data, including messages, images, and remote control of a device.
  • The Android malware is majorly active in the USA and Korean markets.
  • None of the 23 apps are available on the Google Play Store though.

Malware-infested applications are pretty common to find, especially on the Android OS with applications not listed on the Google Play Store. Users try to download such illegal and malicious apps so as to get access to premium apps without any payment. Now, in the latest finding of Android malware attacks, spyware named PhoneSpy has been found infecting devices across the US the Korean markets. This malware has been found infecting 23 Android apps but thankfully, none of these associated apps are available on the Google Play Store.

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PhoneSpy malware out in various markets

The PhoneSpy malware is able to steal crucial data including messages, images, calls, and can even remotely access your device’s location. Further through the various infected app permissions, the malware can even access the complete list of installed apps, record audio and video using cameras and microphones on the phone. The malware can even extract device information like IMEI number, device’s name, and its brand make.

The Zimperium mobile security agency that reported the malware said that “The application is capable of uninstalling any user-installed applications, including mobile security apps. The device’s precise location is available in real-time to the malicious actors, all without the victim knowing. The spyware also enables the threat actor to use phishing pages for harvesting credentials of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Kakao Talk.” 

If you are using an Android device,  you need to keep in mind that downloading and installing apps from untrusted third-party app stores is unadvisable. We recommend sticking to Google Play Store for downloading all your applications. Also, users should never click on any suspicious link of downloading any application, sent via SMS messages or emails. Also, users should never click on links or download attachments sent via suspicious emails and messages.

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