3 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S23 over the S23 Plus

If you're planning to purchase the Samsung S23 Plus over the vanilla S23, I recommend reading this article first.

Samsung is back with a new lineup of Galaxy S series smartphones. Earlier this month, the South Korean tech giant announced the Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra flagships. Each device is tailored to a specific audience. The Galaxy S23, for instance, caters to those who prefer a compact Android phone, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra is designed for buyers seeking the most advanced hardware available in an Android phone for 2023. The Galaxy S23 Plus, on the other hand, has a larger screen and a bigger battery than the S23. But beyond that, it’s unclear who it’s targeted towards.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time with the Samsung Galaxy S23, and I’ve written a detailed review that you can read here. If you’re considering whether to purchase the S23 Plus instead, I recommend reading this article first.

The S23 offers most of the features that the S23 Plus does, at a more affordable price

The Samsung Galaxy S23 starts at Rs 74,999, while you have to pay Rs 20,000 more to get your hands on the S23 Plus. For around Rs 1 lakh, you would think that the Galaxy S23 Plus offers more in terms of features compared to the S23, but that’s not really the case. Both devices share the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, 50MP triple camera system, FHD+ resolution, and 8GB RAM. This means you can expect the same level of performance, both in day-to-day usage and photography, on both devices. But the Galaxy S23 is Rs 20,000 cheaper!

The only real advantage of buying the Galaxy S23 Plus is the larger 6.6-inch screen size and a bigger 4,700mAh battery. However, this also means spending an additional Rs 20,000 just for these two features. From my perspective, this price difference is not justified.

If you’re spending Rs 1 lakh, might as well go Ultra

Let’s be honest: the Galaxy S23 series doesn’t come cheap. These premium phones come with pretty hefty price tags in India. But if you’re willing to spend around Rs 1 lakh on a smartphone, you’ll want the best hardware available. Unfortunately, you won’t get that with the Galaxy S23 Plus. Instead, I recommend investing in the Galaxy S23 Ultra for additional features, such as a larger screen with a better QHD+ resolution, an impressive 200MP primary camera, a big 5,000mAh battery, and S Pen support.

Samsung has undoubtedly packed more features into the Galaxy S23 Ultra, making the higher price tag justifiable when compared to the Galaxy S23 Plus.

The Galaxy S23’s compact design is sure to win your heart

Regardless of everything I’ve mentioned so far, the most compelling reason to purchase the Galaxy S23 is its compact form factor. The phone provides excellent one-handed usability and is incredibly lightweight, setting it apart from the numerous large-screened phones currently available in the market. Without a doubt, the Galaxy S23 is the best small Android phone in 2023. This uniqueness makes it a more appealing option compared to the S23 Plus. As I mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S23 offers almost all the same hardware as the S23 Plus, but in a more compact and affordable package.

In my opinion, the Galaxy S23 Plus is in an awkward position, particularly in the Indian market. The device is too similar to the standard model, yet it’s priced around Rs 20,000 higher, which seems unjustified. This is why the Galaxy S23 is my pick as the phone to buy in the new series. The S23 Ultra is the second best option as it simply offers the best hardware on an Android phone in 2023, along with an S Pen.