Ask91: will 3G phones work on the Reliance Jio network?

“For a full-fledged Reliance Jio experience, you must have a 4G and VoLTE-enabled smartphone”

Reliance Jio yesterday announced the long-awaited commercial launch of its 4G network, along with details on tariffs, discounts for students, and special benefits for corporate users. As part of the Welcome offer, new users will get free access to unlimited HD voice calls and SMSes, 4G LTE data, access to Jio’s Wi-Fi hotspots, along with access all its premium apps from September 5th to December 31st, 2016. Users will be able to access Jio’s services on their 4G-enabled smartphones. However, what about those with a 2G or 3G-enabled smartphone or feature phone? Will a Jio SIM work on these devices? Well… sadly, the answer is no.

Reliance Jio

3G and 2G mobile phones are not compatible with Jio, since the company utilises the 2,300MHz FDD-LTE band for its services, and this frequency is not supported by 3G or 2G mobile devices in India. However, Jio  might provide its services for 3G / 2G devices in the future via roaming in partnership with other telcos in the country. 

Also, Jio is India’s first ever VoLTE (voice over LTE) network, which means all calls on the network are made over 4G. So, if your 4G-enabled smartphone doesn’t offer VoLTE support, then you will not be able to make or receive calls using a Jio SIM. However, you can still enjoy the company’s high-speed 4G mobile internet service on your device, along with using the JioJoin app to makes calls. So basically, for a full-fledged Jio experience, it’s a must for you to have a 4G and VoLTE-enabled smartphone. 

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