5 hilarious Hogwarts Legacy mods you need to try

Check out some of the funniest Hogwarts Legacy mods you can try on PC.

The much-awaited Hogwarts Legacy launched last month and it has been praised by fans and critics alike. The game has already broken quite a few sales records and it is one of the most popular games out there right now. Just days after Hogwarts Legacy was launched, it created a huge modding community on PC with some of the goofiest mods you can imagine. From flying around on Shrek to fighting with lightsabers, Hogwarts Legacy mods have made the gameplay experience even more fun. Check out five funny Hogwarts Legacy mods that you can try out right now:

5 hilarious Hogwarts Legacy mods

1. Shrek broom

Hogwarts Legacy mods

There are a lot of Shrek fans out there just like Harry Potter fans. Both of these fandoms collide in a goofy way, thanks to the Shrek broom mod. As the name suggests, the Shrek broom turns your broom into Shrek. Using this mod, you can explore the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy on Shrek. Just like the Shrek broom mod, you can try out the Thomas broom mod that turns your broom into Thomas the Tank Engine. Mods with Thomas have been made for many popular games in recent years.

2. Nicolas Cage paintings

Hogwarts is known for its magical paintings of moving and talking characters, but what if all of them were Nicolas Cage? With Nicolas Cage Paintings mod, you can replace all the Musical Hallway paintings with pictures of the talented and eccentric actor, Nicolas Cage. These paintings feature memes and some images from popular Nicolas Cage movies like Con Air and Vampire’s Kiss. Similarly, you can replace many paintings in Hogwarts with pictures of the iconic character Hagrid using Hagrid Paintings mod.

3. Magic Gun

The Magic Gun mod turns your wand into a gun. While the effect is just cosmetic, magic battles with a gun look pretty silly. The gun model is based on modern pistols, which look quite strange in Hogwarts Legacy fights. Modders may create even more mods that turn your wand into different types of weapons or guns. It would be great to see some guns from Halo, Destiny 2, Doom, Call of Duty, and others.

4. Flying Car

Harry Potter fans definitely remember the iconic scene of Harry and Ron flying over London in a car from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. You can somewhat recreate that scene in Hogwarts Legacy with the Ford Anglia 105E mod. Using this mod, your broom transforms into a Ford Anglia 105E that you can fly around as you explore the world around you. Flying this car is definitely a fun way to discover new locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

5. Lightsaber/ Loki sceptre

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lightsabers in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, now you don’t have to. The Lightsaber Wands mod turns your wand into a lightsaber. While you can’t do actual lightsaber fights from Star Wars, carrying a wand that looks like a lightsaber definitely feels unique and somewhat silly. The lightsaber designs are based on lightsabers of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Kylo Ren. Apart from this, you can also try out the Loki Sceptre mod to replace your wand with Loki’s Sceptre from Marvel movies.