5 new WhatsApp features coming soon: chat with yourself, forward media with captions, and more

The list of WhatsApp features coming soon includes the ability to chat with yourself, a profile photo for groups, media auto-download on desktop, new blur tools, and others.

  • WhatsApp to gain five new features soon.
  • These the ability to chat with yourself, profile photos in group chats, the ability to forward media with captions, and others.
  • The roll-out timeline for the features isn’t clear at the moment.

WhatsApp is getting a bunch of new features soon. According to recent reports, at least five new WhatsApp features can be expected for both the web and the app. These features, as reported by WaBetaInfo, will further enhance the user experience and usability of the app. WhatsApp rolls out updates at regular intervals to add new features and improvements. The list of upcoming features includes the ability to chat with yourself, profile photos in group chats, the ability to forward media with captions, and others. While these features are pretty self-explanatory, there are some interesting additions to the way they will function.

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5 WhatsApp features coming soon

  1. Ability to chat with yourself
WhatsApp Chat with yourself

In the current state, WhatsApp users can send messages to themselves. However, with the new feature, the instant messaging app will bring the ability to chat with yourself by highlighting the ‘Message Yourself’ option. The report from WaBetaInfo adds that the chat with your phone number option will be available within the contacts list on WhatsApp so it will become easier for users to chat with themselves.

2. Profile photos in Group chats

WhatsApp group profile photo

Another WhatsApp feature that is under development is the ability to set profile photos for individual contacts in Group chats. The profile photo of group members will show when receiving a message in a group. However, in case the group member doesn’t have a profile photo or is not available due to privacy settings, the default profile icon will be shown in the chat.

3. Ability to forward media with captions

WhatsApp caption

WhatsApp will soon allow users to forward images, videos, GIFs, and documents with a caption. This feature is currently not available in the stable version but is present on the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store.

4. New blur tool for images

The ability to blur images will soon be available in WhatsApp. This will allow users to cover/blur sensitive information from their images. The report says that WhatsApp has created two blur tools allowing users to edit images. They can also choose the blur size in order to apply the effect with granular precision.

5. Media auto-download on desktop

WhatsApp media auto-download

WhatsApp will allow its desktop users on Windows and macOS to manage auto-download settings for photos, videos, and documents. The feature is available for desktop beta users only.