5G smartphones shipped in India to grow 70 percent this year, 45 percent smartphones in India will be 5G in 2023: Report

According to the research firm, 5G smartphones will account for 45 percent of all new phones shipped this year.

  • A CMR report claims that 45 percent of all new devices this year in India will be 5G smartphones
  • In 2020, only 4 percent of all smartphones shipped in India had 5G connectivity
  • Samsung, OnePlus and Vivo led the 5G market last year

5G smartphones in India are expected to see a shipment growth of 70 percent annually, according to a report by market researcher CyberMedia Research (CMR). The growth in shipment of 5G smartphones is expected to happen in 2023 as a result of greater proliferation of 5G devices, buoyed by mainstream smartphone chips featuring 5G modems, and increasing coverage of 5G connectivity from telecom operators in India. The report is in line with other market estimates, which have also set expectations for 5G smartphone shipments to exceed 100 million units through the year in 2023.

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How 5G smartphones could grow in India

Menka Kumari, analyst at CMR’s Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), said in a statement, “From a mere 4 percent in calendar year (CY) 2020, to a potential of over 45 percent market share in CY2023, 5G smartphones have come a long way. In CY2022, close to 100 5G smartphones (models) were launched in India. In 2023, we anticipate close to 75 percent (more) new smartphones to be introduced in the India market, to be 5G-capable.”

In November 2022, a Mint report said that a total of around 67 million 5G smartphones were shipped in India. Reports further claimed that the Indian smartphone market saw a major slump and could witness up to 30 percent annual decline in smartphone shipments in the last three months of the year — which could potentially peg the total smartphone shipments in India last year at around 70 million units out of an estimated 160 million smartphones shipped in the country last year.

While CMR’s estimates claim that 45 percent of all smartphones in India could be 5G this year, a report in December last year by market researcher Counterpoint India claimed that 5G smartphones could cross 4G device shipments in 2023, buoyed by greater proliferation of 5G subscriptions this year.