5G speed in India to be at par with professional computers during launch phase: expect upto 600Mbps

Customers will enjoy a high-speed 5G network, initially at launch.

  • 5G speed in India will be at par with professional computers during the launch phase.
  • Experts believe that mobile subscribers will get 600Mbps speed in 5G mode during the launch phase.
  • 5G in India has started rolling out in select cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, and other cities.

5G Mobile network been launched in India officially at the India Mobile Congress on October 1st. Airtel and Jio are ready with their rollout plans in select cities, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi, and Delhi cities. Now, experts believe that mobile subscribers will get 600Mbps speed in 5G mode during the launch phase and smartphones are expected to work at par with professional computers for accessing apps and data processing.

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Jio and Airtel have already mentioned that customers will not need to upgrade their SIM to get 5G support. Jio has already announced the Welcome Offer, which will offer up to 1Gbps+ speed and unlimited data as a part of the beta trial. This offer will be expanded gradually to other cities.

5G speed in India

Industry experts believe that 5G speed will be on par with professional computers initially. Jio mentioned beta trail will have 1Gbps+ speed but this could be available very close to mobile stations. “5G is expected to deliver up to 600mbps during the launch phase because traffic on the network will be low. However, it will continue to remain in the range of 200-300mbps after full rollout,” Ericsson head of network solutions, strategic network evolution, Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, ThiawSeng Ng told PTI.


For example, a two-hour high definition movie, which is generally around 6GB file in size takes just 1 minute 25 minutes to download and a 4K movie in about 3 minutes at a top speed of 600Mbps. Customers having a 5G phone will see the 5G option in their network setting and will need to enable it to avail of the service.

Former BSNL chairman and managing director Anupam Shrivastava said that telecom operators might provide free 5G service till the time of complete rollout. “Once the rollout is over in a circle, telecom operators may announce their tariff plan and charge a premium for 5G over 4G,” Shrivastava said.  Nokia senior vice president and head of India market Sanjay Malik mentioned that the high speed of 5G will double the average data consumption per subscriber in India in one and half years.

Back in June 2022, Ericsson Mobility Report mentioned that 5G is scaling faster than all previous mobile generations and is expected to account for nearly 40 percent of all subscriptions by 2027 in India.