Engagement, innovation, and gaming: Highlights from 91mobiles Tech Day with MSI

On May 30, 2024, 91mobiles hosted another edition of Tech Day, this time in association with MSI. As always, the event was well received by the 300+ gadget enthusiasts and tech aficionados in attendance including 10+ micro-influencers. Everyone got to interact with the latest devices from MSI, including devices powered by the latest processors from Intel and AMD. The attendees also got to interact with the MSI Claw, a gaming handheld featuring an Intel Core Ultra processor.

Hands-on with MSI’s 2024 product lineup

MSI showcased its impressive 2024 lineup of produts in the Gadget Experience Zone, including laptops for gaming, productivity, and content creation. In fact, MSI showcased over 20 laptops. This included the Stealth, Raider, Prestige, Modern and more. There was also the MSI Claw, and the event marked the exclusive first showcase of the MSI Claw in India. Attendees explored all the laptops and the MSI Claw and even enjoyed gaming on these devices.

Engaging with MSI Experts

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for attendees to interact with key MSI representatives. Shivangi Bhadauria, Media and Communications Manager – MSI India, Deepak Negi, Community & Channel Marketing Executive – MSI India, and Manoj Dsouza, Technical Specialist – MSI India, were present to share insights and engage with the audience. Their session provided valuable information about MSI’s latest offerings and future plans.

Healthy competition

The Tech Day was packed with engaging activities that kept the attendees entertained and competitive. Attendees took part in a Scavenger Hunt where they were out hunting QR codes scattered throughout the venue. All who successfully found the QR codes were entered into a lucky draw. Tech Quizzes were also held during the presentation where attendees were asked questions about MSI and technology in general. The lucky winners of these events received various prizes such as branded laptop stands.

There was also a PC gaming tournament during the event. Attendees played the game Quake Champions. After a series of gruling qualification matches, the victors were narrowed down to eight, who were then grouped into teams of two. These two teams then battled it out to crown the ultimate champions. The four winners won MSI H991 Wired PC Gaming Headsets each.

Abuzz on social

The event saw an impressive 200+ real-time social media posts from attendees sharing their experiences, with the micro-influencers contributing significantly to the buzz. This social media activity culminated in a reach of over 2 million, highlighting the event’s impact within the tech community.

91mobiles Tech Day in association with MSI, was a successful event. Not only did attendees get to interact with some cutting-edge laptops and other gaming devices, but representatives from MSI also got to engage with their key demographic and learn more about their audience’s preferences. The addition of engagement events such as the Scavenger Hunt, Tech Quiz and PC Gaming Tournament made the day memorable for all involved!

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