Forget Twitter blue tick, Aarogya Setu will now give Blue Shield for people who have been vaccinated

  • Aarogya Setu will now show the blue ticks and the shield on the home screen of the app
  • Those who have received both doses of either vaccine will now see two blue ticks and a shield on their profile, under the ‘Your Status’ section
  • People who have only received one dose, on the other hand, will see a ‘partially vaccinated’ status

The folks behind Aarogya Setu app have come up with a new way to determine who has been vaccinated. Users who have received jabs of either Covishield or Covaxin vaccine will now get blue ticks and a shield on their profile. This should, in theory, help distinguish people who have received the vaccine and those who are yet to receive it. Many institutions rely on the Aarogya Setu app for contact tracing, and a vaccination status would be of great help to them. Vaccinated individuals can also download the vaccination certificate from within the app too. To find out how to do it, refer to our in-depth guide that walks you through the process. Also, do not share your vaccination certificate on social media under any circumstances, as it contains a lot of personal information.

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However, do note that users will get both ticks only after receiving both doses of the said vaccine. Those who have received only one dose will be designated ‘Partially Vaccinated’ and have a single tick. To see your Blue Tick and Blue Shield status, you need to go to the Your Status tab on the home screen of the app. The below screenshot shows what the single tick on your profile looks like:

Aarogya Setu Blue Ticks Shield

A cursory glance at the tweet replies tells us that the feature isn’t working as intended. Some users who have received both doses are showing up as unvaccinated, while others are unable to download the vaccine certificate. However, these are likely statistical outliers and most people should not face such issues, ideally.

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Given the current situation with the vaccines, getting both doses could prove to a bit challenging. If you’re looking to get vaccinated, here’s how you can go about looking for a slot.