Acer Iconia W510 Laptop First Impression

The hybrid tablet laptop industry is gaining extensive popularity. Hybrid laptops are appreciated for their amazing battery durability of over nine hours. The Acer Iconia W510 is a hybrid laptop priced at Rs. 46,349. Moreover the laptop has a vibrant and polished finish with a refined white metal. Acer iconia Tab W510 Tablet The Iconia W510 depicts an amazing detachable design which could be adopted from the HP Envy x2. The interesting aspect of this laptop is you have the option of a tablet and notebook stacked into one. What is more interesting is the screen can be rotated similar to the feature of IdeaPad Yoga and the device can find a neat spot on your desk in the guise of a photo frame. To place the tablet, you will have to fit it above the keyboard dock and press down gently until you hear a click sound which implies the system is locked. When locked, the tablet is secure and the hinges are not damaged. The drawback here was the retention mechanism, when you swing the tablet it appears to be a toy and many customers would not take this device seriously. The tablet weighs 570 grams, the Iconia W510 is pretty light and portable. The additional weight is contributed by the keyboard dock which accounts to a total weight of 1270 grams which is extremely light for even a super portable laptop. The keyboard is incredible which functions beyond a keyboard and to anybody’s amazement fits an additional battery and USB 2.0 port on the right hinge. When you look for the power option when tablet is docked you will observe two batteries. When unplugged, the device makes use of the battery in the dock. It then transforms to the built-in battery when the battery in the dock wears out or when detached from dock. This credible feature actually preserves the battery durability of the tablet. The Acer Iconia W510 is inserted with an Intel Atom Z2760 dual-core processor that operates at 1.8GHz. The Iconia W510 is an interesting device that would suit all age groups to admire its dual quality and work on the system for long hours without having to worry about the battery capacity.