Samsung working on affordable Galaxy A foldable, will launch in 2024 for around Rs 61,000: Report

Samsung currently has a hold of 80 percent of the foldable smartphones market.

  • Samsung’s affordable bendable smartphone is tipped to be in works. 
  • It is tipped to cost around 1 million won (Approx. Rs 61,000).
  • An affordable Samsung Galaxy A foldable smartphone is said to make its debut in 2024.

Foldable smartphones have been out in the market for a while now, coming with a premium cost for their flagship features. Word on the streets is that Apple also plans to launch a bendable smartphone in the near future to dethrone Samsung’s strong grip on the foldable smartphones market. However, Samsung could be working on an affordable foldable smartphone aiming to sustain its crown, suggests a report.

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The report suggests that Samsung is hard at work on Galaxy A Fold and Galaxy A Flip models – cheaper alternatives to the Galaxy Z Fold/ Flip models. Samsung currently holds 80 percent of the foldable smartphones market, with its Galaxy Z Flip and Fold phones costing under Rs 90,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh, respectively. Smartphone manufacturers: Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, among others, have launched their versions of foldable smartphones but could not capture the market like Samsung.

Samsung affordable foldable phone

Rumour mills suggests Google Pixel and Apple – competitors of Samsung’s flagship phones – are working on an affordable bendable smartphone. Launching the Galaxy A Fold and Galaxy A Flip affordable foldable models in 2024 may help Samsung sustain and expand its stronghold in the market. Further, the report also says that the affordable foldable phone from Samsung will cost around 1 million won (Approx. Rs 61,000).

Undoubtedly, it will be interesting to see the smartphone manufacturing behemoth shipping a foldable phone at such a price. However, the report is still speculation as Samsung remains mum about its foldable smartphone plans. And we suggest you take this news with a pinch of salt.