Best air pollution mask you can buy in India in 2021

Regardless of where you are staying in India, the air pollution is anything but good. It may not be hazardous in all locations, but research proves that exposing yourself to polluted air for a long time may cause some serious health issues such as respiratory irritation or breathing difficulties. That’s why it’s often advised to wear a mask, but not just any mask. You need a certified air pollution mask that can block out particles as small as PM 2.5 level. There are many options, but not all of them are rated to be the best air pollution mask. We have compiled a list of the best air pollution masks that you can buy in India right now. However, before we take a look at the list, let’s try to understand what is an air pollution mask and how it’s different from a COVID mask.

What is air pollution mask?

An air pollution mask is just like your regular COVID mask that you wear these days; however, with a slightly different material. The pollution consists of multiple layers of filters, which block out the harmful and infectious matter present in the air. Now, there are four main types of air pollution masks, namely N95, N99, P95, and R95. Here are what these masks are capable of:

  • N95 – The most common and easily available pollution mask out there. This mask is able to filter 95 percent of the pollutants including PM2.5, and at the same time, can protect from deadly viruses and bacteria. The shell-like structure of this mask also prevents the entering of any moisture and dust particles.
  • N99 – An upgraded version of the N95 masks. This mask is able to filter out 99 percent of pollutants in the air, which as a result, generally costs more. However, the N99 mask has a longer reusability rate than the N95 mask, meaning that filters won’t wear out easily.
  • P95 and R95 – These are industrial-level masks. These are used by workers working in locations such as construction sites where the air is filled with dirt and oil-based particles. As a result, these cost a lot more than general masks like N95 and N99.

How is air pollution mask different from a COVID mask?

As stated above, the air pollution mask comes with multiple layers of filters to block out harmful particles. Most COVID masks, on the other hand, are just made up of cloth or thermoplastic (surgical mask), which are said to be only 60 percent effective against PM 2.5 particles. For better protection, you need an N95 or N99 air pollution mask, which can also block out viruses like COVID-19. 

Best air pollution mask to buy in India

Here’s a list of some of the best air pollution masks you can get in the market right now:

Pollution Safe Reusable PM 2.5, N99 mask

pollution safe reusable mask

The Pollution Safe Reusable N99 mask has five layers of filters that can maximise the efficiency of air pollution up to 99 percent, including a charcoal layer that helps in removing odour and toxic gases. It’s rated to be among the best for people with respiratory problems. The adequate sized valve ensures easy breathing and air exhalation, which is crucial when worn for a longer duration. Lastly, it also has a foam strip in the nose area to provide maximum comfort and not cause itching or irritation.

However, avoid wearing this mask in crowded locations as the Pollution Safe Reusable N99 mask’s valve allows unfiltered air to come out. So, if one is infected with COVID-19 and is wearing a valve mask, they are infecting others.

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Mush Reusable N95 mask

Mush N95 best pollution mask

This mask here has no valve, yet it’s just as effective as any other mask with a valve. The Mush N95 anti-pollution mask is certified by ISO, CE, WHO, FDA, and NABL and is rated to be 99 percent effective against bacteria, air-borne particles of more than 0.3 microns, and more. The mask packs five layers of filtration to break down pollutants for clean air and provide maximum comfort when used for long durations. To prevent fogging of spectacles, it has a nose clip that lets the air out. Coming in a pack of 10 masks, the Mush N95 mask can be a great buy at an affordable price.

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Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Mask

Honeywell PM2.5 pollution mask

This mask from the renowned brand Honeywell has a filtering efficiency of up to 95 percent. It can block particulate matter as small as 2.5 levels. The Honeywell PM 2.5 mask has a cone-like shape with a nose clip that is made from composite materials, which are less prone to breakage as compared to metal ones. Additionally, the soft cotton ear bands ensure a comfortable fit for long hours. 

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Dettol D95 Mask

Dettol D95 anti pollution face mask

Surprised to see a Dettol in the list of anti-pollution masks? Well, the situation is so bad that even Dettol had to step in and make its contribution! Not entirely being the case, as although the mask comes with the disinfectant giant’s name, it also carries ‘Wildcraft’ branding. Either way, this pack of one mask works the same as the P2/N95 mask. It has 6 layers of particle filtration, which can also withstand contaminated fluids, meaning it has you covered against COVID-19 as well. Being a cotton mask, this one can be easily washed and reused for up to 30 washes which increases the usability duration by fourfold. Lastly, one can choose among 3 sizes and is suitable for children too.

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3M N95 Dust Pollution Mask

3M N95 one of best air pollution mask

If you’re on the lookout for something rough and tough, the 3M Non-Woven N95 mask is a great option to go for. The mask offers 94 percent effective filtration against harmful allergen and bacteria by its P2 respirator. Focused purely towards protection from air pollution, it comes with a cool valve that removes heat build-up within the mask and ensures easy breathing by letting out the air since it snugly fits from all sides. Speaking of snug-fitting, the adjustable nose clip makes the mask stay in place irrespective of facial movements. Also, coming from a brand like 3M, one can expect good quality and durability.

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Air QUEEN Nano Masks

Air QUEEN Nano fiber mask

This unique and stylish looking 3-dimensional design face mask provides maximum mouth coverage from top to bottom and sides. It ensures that even the finest dust particle doesn’t get through. Another unique aspect of this mask is that it uses nanofiber material, which captures harmful particles as small as 0.1 micron. This makes the mask feather light as well. If you’re in for something distinctive, the Air QUEEN nano mask is a perfect choice.

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OxiClear N99 Anti Pollution Face Mask

OxiClear N99 anti pollution face mask

One of the best selling masks on The OxiClear N99 face mask comes with four additional carbon filters, which can be replaced by discarding the old one and sliding in the new filter making the mask brand new. As a mask doesn’t fit all, OxiClear has embedded adjustable ear loops to make sure it’s tightly fit and doesn’t fall out. It’s an N99 mask, which means you are 99 percent protected against PM2.5 particles. If that’s not enough, the mask also has a valve to let out the air build-up for easy breathing.

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These were our top picks for the best air pollution masks you can buy right now. An anti-pollution mask should be the priority when heading out of homes even for fit and healthy people.