Airtel down for you? Users face mobile, broadband issues, total blackout in several parts of India

Airtel down for you? You're not the only one as thousands of Airtel users are reporting network issues, total blackout, and more.

  • Airtel users faced mobile and broadband outage in several parts of India.
  • Users reported no signal and total blackout issues.
  • Airtel has apologised for the brief disruption and assures the network is back to normal.

Airtel seems to be facing a network issue in many parts of India as several users have taken to social media to report network problems. Many Airtel users have reported mobile internet and fiber issues, no signal, and total blackout. The Airtel network seems to be affecting parts of Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, among others. On, over 3,700 reports have been lodged regarding the Airtel signal issue as of February 11th at 11:30 AM. There is no word yet on why Airtel is facing this outage, but it seems to be stabalising now.

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As per DownDetector India, Airtel seems to be the only telecom operator facing an outage of this magnitude. There have been some reports regarding Jio network mobile internet and no signal issues on Friday, but it doesn’t seem to be as severe. We will update this story as and when we learn more about the reason behind the Airtel blackout.

Following the outage, Airtel issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to users by the brief disruption. The company assures everything is “back to normal now”. Airtel, however, did not reveal the reason behind the service disruption in its tweet.