Airtel the best telecom operator in India in November 2019: Tutela report

“Jio is ranked second in India between August and October 2019, while Vodafone-Idea languished at third”

Bharti Airtel has been ranked as the best telecom operator in terms of network quality, bandwidth, speed and latency in research firm Tutela’s telecom report for India in November 2019. Bharti Airtel has been ranked as the best overall operator considering all circles and as the average of multiple factors that were evaluated in the research.

In the report, the metrics were divided in four parts. In the first metric of network quality on 3G and 4G networks, excellent network quality was ticked for those that could stream videos in full HD, make video calls on Skype and play online multiplayer games with relative ease. Core network quality was defined as devices that could handle general web browsing, browse through social media apps, and stream SD (sub-HD) videos online. In this metric, Airtel ranked at the top, with 58 percent of its network being capable of excellent tasks, and 89.8 percent handling core tasks. Vodafone-Idea ranked second with 48.5 percent handling excellent tasks, and 82.4 percent handling core. Reliance Jio ranked third, with 47.5 percent of its network handling excellent-level tasks, and 85.7 percent handling core.

In the second metric, the networks were evaluated in terms of the percent of the total users that were using 4G, the fastest mobile network bandwidth in India. In this task, Jio ranked first with 99.6 percent of its network on 4G. Bharti Airtel ranked second with 86.6 percent of its network on 4G, while Vodafone-Idea ranked third with only 71.5 percent of its network on 4G. Unsurprisingly, state-backed operator BSNL had only 9.6 percent of its network on 4G, while 90.4 percent of the network was on 3G. However, BSNL showed decent performance in fringe areas such as Mizoram and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where it offered the best performance of all operators in India.

In the third metric, the networks were evaluated in terms of overall speed of connectivity. Here, contrary to the all-India monthly TRAI data, Bharti Airtel was reported as the best operator for the period, with Airtel offering 7.7Mbps download bandwidth, and 3.3Mbps upload bandwidth. Vodafone-Idea ranked second with 6.3Mbps download bandwidth, and 3.6Mbps upload bandwidth. Reliance Jio ranked third with 4.9Mbps download bandwidth, and 3.1Mbps upload bandwidth.

The final metric tested the latency of network connectivity of the operators, where Airtel was stated to be offering the lowest latency at 26.2ms. Reliance Jio offered the second lowest latency at 27.6ms latency, where Vodafone-Idea followed suit with 27.9ms latency. Summing up all the networks, Bharti Airtel ranked as the best overall operator in India for the period, ranking first in three of the four metrics. Reliance Jio, now the largest official operator in India, was summed up as the second-best operator in India, while Vodafone-Idea was ranked a close third.