Airtel number check: How to check Airtel mobile number using USSD code, app, and more

Airtel mobile users have easy way of finding their mobile number, here is how you can get it.

Airtel is the second-largest telecom operator in India. It serves people in the country with 2G, 3G, 4G, and broadband connectivity across different parts. Its wide reach and service reliability have made it a top choice among consumers, even those who are not on its network. Thanks to the easy mobile number portability system in place, many of you from Jio or Vodafone have switched to Airtel for its assurance. And while most people rely on various digital platforms for assistance, some people find it hard to remember their mobile number. This can become tedious when you have to recharge the number or give it to someone. But you don’t have to worry because Airtel has covered up all its bases, making sure all the new Airtel users can check their Airtel mobile number by following these methods.

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How to check Airtel number

You can either use special USSD codes, to know your Airtel mobile number. Or just download the Airtel app to get all the details. So, what are these USSD codes that help you check the Airtel mobile number and how do you do it? We tell you everything about it.

How to check Airtel mobile number online using Airtel Thanks app

Airtel has developed a one-stop digital app for smartphone users called Airtel Thanks. Smartphone users whether on Android or iOS can download the app from their respective app stores. With this app, you get all the billing details, prepaid validity, as well as your Airtel mobile number flashing right in front. Follow these steps to know your Airtel mobile numbers with the app:

  • Download MyAirtel or Airtel Thanks app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Install it on your smartphone
  • Open Airtel Thanks app and sign in
  • You will get details like Airtel mobile number, prepaid validity at the top of the screen

Well, it’s the simplest way to get to know your Airtel mobile number. There is one drawback of this method, it only covers smartphone users. Follow the methods stated below, if you have a feature phone and want to check your Airtel number offline:

How to check Airtel number using USSD (offline)

USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These codes have been designed for telecom operators and are available to prepaid mobile users across the country. These codes also make sure that people do not have to call customer care for every small problem or query. Different telcos have been assigned different codes, and to check the mobile number of Airtel SIM via USSD code, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the phone/ calling app on your phone
  • Dial *282#
  • You will get a message on the screen with your Airtel mobile number that looks like, “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: xxxxxxxxxx”
  • Make sure to note it down on paper or notepad

This method works on mobile phones across platforms, including Android, iPhone, and KaiOS. You have another method to get an Airtel mobile number using USSD code but this time the code is different.

  • Put the Airtel SIM card into your phone
  • Open the calling app
  • Dial the code *121*1# from the keypad
  • You get a flash message, click ‘Ok’ on it
  • Another pop-up box flashes on the screen with your Airtel mobile number

How to check my Airtel number using customer care

If you find the USSD code method a bit confusing, Airtel has set up a customer care service that acts as the perfect alternative for people to find their Airtel mobile number offline. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Dial the code 121 or 198 on mobile phone
  • You get connected to Airtel customer service
  • Click ‘1’ for mobile services
  • The automated voice will share details like Airtel mobile number, mobile balance and validity of your plan