This company gifted 35 Okinawa PraisePro e-scooters to its employees on Diwali

The Okinawa Praise Pro is priced at Rs. 76,848, ex-showroom.

  • Alliance Group, based in Surat, has gifted 35 of its employees with the Okinawa PraisePro electric scooter.
  • The increasing prices of fuel were one of the main reasons that led it to offer the e-scooter gift bonus to its employees.
  • The PraisePro is one of three high-speed battery-powered scooters sold by Okinawa.

With petrol prices increasing every other day, Surat-based embroidery machines company, Alliance Group decided to offer electric scooters to its employees as a Diwali gift this year. The company has reportedly (via) awarded The Okinawa PraisePro, worth Rs. 76,848 ( ex-showroom), to 35 of its employees. The company’s director Subhash Dawar said that increasing fuel prices have affected the financial stand of the company. The move will help save the expenditure on fuel and allow the company to contribute towards environmental conservation.

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The electric scooter gift will serve numerous functions as the corporation strives to cut gas use, increase savings, and improve air quality levels in order to lessen our country’s worrying pollution levels. Subhash Dawar, Director of Alliance Group, was quoted by news agency ANI, “In view of increasing fuel prices and other factors we’ve decided to gift electric vehicles to our employees. This issue not only remains in the media headlines but has also affected the financial stand of the company. This will not only save the expenditure on fuel but will also allow our company to contribute towards environmental protection and green appearance.”

He further went on to say that the decision will save the firm’s money on petrol, while also allowing several other benefits to contribute to environmental preservation and better mileage for all of their workers. Alliance Group has also stressed that it will continue to take steps to ensure that its activities are environmentally friendly and safe in the near future as well.

The PraisePro is one of three high-speed battery-powered scooters sold by Okinawa. The Okinawa PraisePro is powered by a 72 volt, 1,000 watts brushless DC motor with a peak power output of 2,500 watts which can push the e-scooter to a top speed of 58km/h. The motor draws electricity from a detachable 2kWh battery pack which can fully recharge through a micro-charger with auto cut function in less than three hours and offers a range of up to 88 km on a single charge.

Current fuel prices, despite government cuts on excise duty recently, are still excessively high. Therefore it is good to see companies like Alliance Group gift electric scooters to their employees. This not only cuts the fuel bill drastically but is also a green non-carbon initiative that should be followed by all companies whenever possible.

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