Live the Alt Z Life! New privacy features that make Galaxy A71 & Galaxy A51 even more awesome

Privacy is essential for everyone these days, but hardly any smartphone comes with features which can guarantee that our photos, chats, apps, etc. will remain hidden from prying eyes. Fortunately, Samsung understands the growing needs of consumers when it comes to privacy. With the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, the brand has introduced the industry-first innovation of Quick Switch, complimented by “On-Device AI” powered Content Suggestions features.

Keeping in mind the privacy issues GenZ and Millennials face on a daily basis, Quick Switch is a unique solution that alleviates all such concerns with just a double click of the side key. With Quick Switch, you can bid adieu to the anxiety you feel when family members or friends ask for your smartphone, but you just can’t say ‘No’. It’s your path to the Alt Z Life. It’s a life where your private moments remain private.

Ensuring your privacy remains private with Quick Switch

Samsung smartphones come with a Secure Folder, an encrypted locker that can keep your apps, photos, videos and files out of the public eye. Quick Switch on Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 leverages the Secure Folder and ensures all your private moments remain private.

Let’s take WhatsApp as an example to show how Quick Switch works. Say you can have two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone, the public one that you use for conversations with family and colleagues, and a separate, private WhatsApp account that you use to chat with special friends. If you are chatting with a friend and notice someone peeking at your conversation, just double click the side key on your smartphone and Quick Switch will immediately switch to the public version of WhatsApp. Awesome, right? The new Quick Switch feature works with any app that you have both inside and outside the Secure Folder.

It gets better though: not only does Quick Switch work with apps, but also switches between private and main gallery thus securing your personal pics and videos in the Secure Folder. It’s an encrypted private space powered by the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform, thus ensuring complete peace of mind even when your friend or family uses your phone.

Manage Privacy Smartly with Content Suggestions

Photos are of course, among the most private content on your phone, and Samsung has not just one but two aces up its sleeve to ensure they remain private. Thanks to Secure Folder, you can store personal photos in a private version of the Gallery apps and everything else in the public version. But with the huge number of images we send and receive, moving personal photos to the private gallery can take up a lot of time. Well, why not make the phone do that for you? That’s where the Content Suggestions feature works its magic.

Content Suggestions uses on-device AI – an Industry first innovation that suggests the photos that you should move to the private gallery. The feature lets you set specific identifiers, faces of certain people for example, and then filters out all their photos, letting you move them to the private gallery in Secure Folder. Once you have moved all the private photos, you can rest assured about their privacy since they will never show up in the public version of the Gallery app. What gives you complete peace of mind is the fact that Secure Folder ensures your data remains private, as it remains on your device and not on the cloud and is safeguarded by a multi-layered defence-grade security platform, Samsung Knox.

Maximise privacy, minimise worries

With the ground-breaking Quick Switch and Content Suggestions features on board, Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are by far the best smartphones for keeping apps, photos and videos hidden and private. These features will go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

Thanks to these new privacy features in addition to best in class features such as Infinity-O sAMOLED Plus* display, Quad Camera module, new Flagship Camera features such as Single Take, Night Hyperlapse etc, and long-lasting battery, the two Samsung smartphones are awesome in their segment and clearly miles ahead of what their competition has to offer. So, what are you waiting for?

Get yourself the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 today!

* sAMOLED Plus display is available only on Galaxy A71. Galaxy A51 smartphone has sAMOLED display