Best Alexa-powered devices you should buy during the Amazon celebration sale

This week you have a chance to grab any of the Alexa-supported devices at discounted prices.

Amazon is back with another special sale day this week, celebrating three years of Alexa and its availability in the country. This basically means you can get heavy discounts on Alexa-powered devices, including the Echo Dot and Echo speakers, Echo Show, Fire TV Stick, and more. But it is not just the Echo products that are available for a bargain. You can even upgrade to an Alexa-enabled 4K TV with special deals in the offing. So, what are you waiting for, let’s shop!

1. Echo Dot 4th gen

The latest generation of the Echo Dot speaker features a new-look form factor and the design improvements help it deliver on the sound front as well. The Echo Dot 4 offers deeper bass and includes four microphones that serve the purpose of responding to your voice commands. You can stream music, get weather updates and even hail a cab using the device, without taking out the smartphone. And you also have the option to connect the speaker in the wired mode using the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Echo Dot is selling for Rs 3,449 as part of the special sale this week.

2. Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is basically a smart device with a display. It comes equipped with Alexa for voice commands, but having the screen means you can stream content from popular video streaming platforms through the internet. In addition to this, Echo Show 5 can act as the source of controlling smart devices in your home. And yes, you can even use the screen as a medium to take video calls through the Alexa app on your phone. Echo Show 5 is available with a mega discount of Rs 4,500 during this week’s sale, which brings down the buying price to Rs 4,499.

3. Fire TV Stick 4K

Next up, you have the 4K variant of the Fire TV Stick. This week, you have a chance to grab this device at a special price of Rs 4,799 which is a discount of Rs 1,200. Fire TV Stick 4K is more expensive, but thanks to built-in support for Dolby technology, the video experience is a lot better. And because it supports 4K resolution, the power under the hood is faster and you have support for advanced features like HDR10/10+. The bonus is having a multi-functional Alexa voice remote that has additional buttons than the regular variant offers.

4. Echo Input speaker

Amazon has designed a new smart speaker in the Echo range with a built-in battery. This way, you can carry the speaker along, without having to rely on a power source all the time. Having said that, Echo Input needs reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to operate and serve your voice commands. With the battery inside, you can easily use the speaker for up to 11 hours which is good enough for wireless music streaming. Echo Input is selling for Rs 3,499 this week, giving you a sweet discount of Rs 2,500 on the original selling price.

5. Echo Show 8

The bigger Show device sports an 8-inch HD display and features stereo sound output. Unlike the smaller version, this one has a built-in camera and microphone as well. You have the choice to use the device to stream videos, control devices, and even take video calls. In addition to this, get live traffic updates on the screen before heading out. Show 8 is available for Rs 7,999 this week, giving you a discount of Rs 5,000 on the usual selling price of Rs 12,999.

6. Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon has introduced a Lite version of the Fire TV Stick for buyers in the country. It comes bundled with a remote that supports Alexa voice assistant. This device is primarily targeted at people who are still using regular LED TVs and want to convert them into a smart unit. The Lite variant can be bought at a special price of Rs 2,299 during the sale this week. The big difference in capability in the Lite variant is that it comes without Dolby Atmos support. So, if that is not a big dealbreaker for you, it’s the right time to switch to the smart TV era.

7. LG 4K LED TV with Alexa

Just in case you want a 4K TV with Alexa built-in, LG has one lineup for you this week. You can basically get the 4K TV at Rs 34,990, which translates into a healthy discount of Rs 18,000 in the bank. Talking about the TV, it supports 3840×2160 pixels resolution, has multiple connectivity ports, and runs on WebOS platform from the brand. It comes powered by a quad-core processor and features a 20W speaker. There probably won’t be a better time to upgrade your TV.

8. Echo Dot 4th gen with clock

And finally, you have another variant of the latest Echo Dot, this time with a clock built-in. In addition to the new design and form factor, this Dot speaker now shows you time and outdoor temperature. Besides this, you have support for Alexa voice assistant that delivers on your command to stream music, get weather updates, or look for a cooking recipe. It takes care of your privacy, by letting you turn off the microphone with a quick access button. The clock version of Echo Dot 4 is priced at Rs 4,499 during the sale this week, giving you a basic discount of Rs 1,050.