Amazon Echo Show gets Hungama Music video services

“Users can now play music videos on Echo Show via Hungama Music using voice commands”

Amazon’s latest Echo Show (first impressions) smart display cum speaker has now received Hungama Music service. Users can now watch as well as listen to their favourite songs by simply asking Alexa to play music videos from the streaming platform. With this, Hungama Music has become one of the first services in India to offer music videos on the Echo Show. To play videos from Hungama Music, users will need to include the term ‘music videos’ when requesting Alexa on Amazon Echo Show. For example: “Alexa, play music videos”.

Hungama and Alexa for Videos

This will directly stream the relevant video from Hungama Music’s catalog on the Echo device’s screen and eliminate the need to specify the service name when asking Alexa to play music videos on Amazon Echo Show. Music videos can also be streamed by calling out their title, name of the actor, musician, genre or language. To do that, Echo Show users will have to give voice commands such as “Alexa, play Dilbar music video on Hungama”, “Alexa, play Punjabi music videos on Hungama” or just “Alexa, play latest music videos”, and “Alexa, play music video of Taylor Swift” to access the Hungama-music-video’s library.

Speaking about the association, Siddhartha Roy COO Hungama Digital Media said,
“Even music is as much a visual experience as it is aural because most of our music comes from our movies. Users in the country don’t just listen to music, they watch it. As the first service to have a deep integration of its video catalog on Amazon Echo Show, Hungama Music will provide the users access to an extensive multi-lingual and multi-genre library of music videos, allowing them to have a wholesome and enriching entertainment experience.”

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