Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote launched in India, priced at Rs 3,999

“Those who already have the Fire TV Stick can purchase the Alexa Voice Remote separately to use Alexa on their TV”

Amazon has launched a new version of the Fire TV Stick in India, which now comes with the Alexa Voice Remote. Until now, the Alexa voice remote was limited to the Fire TV Stick 4K, while the non-4K model shipped with a standard remote with voice control but no digital assistant in the country. With the new Alexa Voice Remote, users can control actions on the TV and the Fire TV Stick using voice commands.

The new Fire TV Stick with the Alexa Voice Remote can be purchased for Rs 3,999 from Amazon India. Customers can place orders for the same now and deliveries will start on January 23rd. Those who already own the Fire TV Stick can purchase the Alexa Voice Remote separately for Rs 1,999. Amazon India is currently allowing users to pre-order the remote for just Rs 999. The remote will start shipping on January 28th, in case you want to purchase it separately.

alexa voice remote

The Alexa Voice Remote allows users to search for shows and movies with the help of voice commands given to Alexa. Tap the Alexa button on the remote and say a command to perform the requisite action. You can use phrases such as ‘Alexa, find horror movies’ or ‘Alexa, play Young Sheldon’, and so on. Users will also be able to launch apps, check match scores, check weather, book cabs, stream music, check live camera feeds, and more.

According to Amazon, the Alexa Voice Remote still uses Bluetooth to connect with the Fire TV Stick. It will work with the second generation Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick 4K. The remote also comes with Power, Mute and Volume control buttons, which will work with compatible TVs. It uses multidirectional infrared to control a compatible TV. You will need to use two AAA batteries for the remote to work.

Apart from being bundled with the new Alexa Voice Remote, there’s nothing substantially new with the latest Fire TV Stick. If you already own a Fire TV Stick, then you don’t have to upgrade as buying the remote separately will suffice. However, in case you have an Echo speaker in the house, it can be paired to the second-generation Fire TV Stick seamlessly to make the TV Alexa-compatible without the new remote.