Amazon customers’ personal information publicly exposed due to technical error

“Amazon explained that due to a technical error, personal information of some of its customers, including names and email addresses, was compromised”

A technical error, as per Amazon, has exposed personal information of some of its customers, including names and email addresses. Last night Amazon sent out mails to customers explaining that its “website inadvertently disclosed your email address due to a technical error”, further assuring that the issue has since been fixed. It has not been disclosed exactly how many people’s information has been exposed.

Soon after Amazon sent out the email to its customers, people started bombarding the company’s Twitter, demanding answers. As per users, Amazon did not explain more in its email, other than that customers’ emails had been exposed by the website. The impact wasn’t confined to just one country, going by the angry Tweets coming in from countries from all over the world, including U.S., Australia and U.K. 

One user tried to dig information out of Amazon’s customer care, but was only given discreet answers, saying that he needn’t worry anymore as the problem had been solved. Customers have been asking the company where, how and to whom was their information revealed, demanding answers as their information has been leaked without their authorisation.

This leak doesn’t appear to be a breach, as was the case with Facebook’s massive information breach few months back. However this was a technical glitch in the website with minimal damage, it still raises a question on the security of people’s personal information saved on websites. 

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