AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 series processors launched for business laptops

AMD's latest business-grade CPUs come with Zen3+ architecture and RDNA2 graphics.

  • Zen 3+ architecture-based 6nm Ryzen Pro 6000 series CPUs announced.
  • AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 CPUs come with RDNA2 on-chip graphics.
  • HP EliteBook 800 G9 series and Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z and T series notebooks will be one of the first Ryzen Pro 6000 powered machines.

American semiconductor manufacturer AMD has announced a new series of CPUs – the Ryzen Pro 6000 – for business laptops. The new Ryzen Pro 6000 CPUs are built on the same 6nm Zen3+ architecture as the Ryzen 6000 series. Moreover, these CPUs bring the RDNA2 integrated graphics. Being a business-oriented CPU lineup, the Ryzen Pro 6000 series offers enterprise-grade security and control over the hardware.

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The AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 series-based notebooks will arrive in the year’s second quarter. The HP EliteBook 800 G9 series and Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z and T series notebooks will be one of the first to come with the new Ryzen enterprise CPUs.

AMD Ryzen Pro 6000

There are a total of eight processors in the line-up. The new Ryzen Pro 6000 series comprises six H series CPUs with a TDP of 35W-45W and two U series chips having a TDP in the range of 15W-30W. These CPUs are based on the Zen3+ architecture built on the 6nm process node, promising up to 30% improvement in performance. The Ryzen 9 Pro 6950H, 6950HS, Ryzen 7 Pro 6850H, 6850HS and Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U come with 8 cores and 16 threads, while the Ryzen 5 Pro 6650H, 6650HS and 6650U are 6 cores/12 threads CPUs.

AMD Ryzen Pro 6000

According to AMD, the new Ryzen Pro 6850U processor is 1.1x faster compared to the last generation at the same 15W TDP, and it gets 1.3x faster at the rated 28W TDP. The Ryzen Pro 6000 U series processors are faster in Cinebench R23 multi-thread, graphics, Passmark 10, PCMark 10, PCMark 10 Extended, and PCMark 10 Productivity compared to the Intel’s 12th-gen 28W P-series. Meanwhile, the 12th-gen P series CPU beats AMD’s latest in the single-core tests. Coming to the battery life, the Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U with a 76WHr battery ran for 26 hours at a brightness of 150 nits on MobileMark 2018.

AMD Ryzen Pro 6000

These new Ryzen Pro CPUs come with features such as AMD Memory Guard, AMD Secure Processor, and more. The new CPUs also have support for the Microsoft Pluton chip and ThinkShield.

Recently, AMD released the latest Ryzen 7000 desktop processors that were announced recently at CES 2022. The chipset will hit stores on April 20th for $449 (around Rs 34,000). AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is said to be the world’s fastest gaming processor. The company also announced new affordable Ryzen 5000 and 4000 series processors.