Android 12 Beta 3 now available for download: Here are all the new features

Google has released yet another Android 12 beta, almost a month after the previous one dropped. This time around, there aren’t nearly as many major changes, but the new Android 12 Beta 3 does add one highly sought-after feature that has been present in just about every custom Android fork for years. A few other QoL improvements are here, too, such as new UI for some apps and new animations. XDA Developers was quick to install the software and demonstrate some of the new Android 12 beta 3 features. The third Android 12 beta is, for all intents and purposes, an incremental upgrade that gives us a glimpse into what the real deal could have in store for us. Let’s take a look at some of the new Android 12 beta 3 features. 

Dedicated Game Dashboard

Google has finally added a dedicated space where one can access all game-related settings at a glance. Android forks such as MIUI and One UI have had this for quite some time, and it is puzzling to see Google take so long to catch up. As its name suggests, the Game Settings app lets you fine-tune your gaming experience by automatically activating DND (Do Not Disturb) mode when a supported game is running. The feature doesn’t appear to be complete at this point, but the final build will surely have more options for us. 

Scrolling screenshots

Google has finally added scrolling screenshots to Android after what seems like an eternity. Like Game Settings, other Android forks have had the ability to take scrolling screenshots for years. The feature was originally set to debut alongside Android 11 but got pushed back for unknown reasons. Watch the above video to see the feature in action. It works differently compared to what we’re used to seeing in MIUI/One UI but should be easy to get used to. 

Material You theme and icons

Google heavily emphasised Android 12’s customisability during the grand reveal. A part of it involves what it calls ‘Material You’, which essentially gives you granular control over a device’s UI. It also takes cues from your background wallpaper and adjusts the theme accordingly. As you can see above, the theme creator app lets you choose between a wide range of colours and imagery. Once you set a theme, the icons follow suit and match the overall aesthetic of the theme in question. 

These are all the major UI changes that the Android 12 beta has in store for us. Other Android 12 beta 3 features include a new UI in the Settings app, faster autorotate animation, the ability to turn off your internet quickly, new navigation gestures, and a few new animations while navigating the UI.

Usually, Android gets 3-4 betas before the final product is rolled out. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too long before the final Android 12 build is available to users. As always, it will roll out to Pixel users first, but other OEMs have demonstrated the ability to keep up with Google of late.