Android 12 features highlighted in new leak: new UI, animations, and more

  • A new leak highlights some upcoming Android 12 features. 
  • The operating system could bring forth redesigned UI elements, such as a new media widget, brightness bar, clock, and more. 
  • Google will tell us more about Android 12 at Google I/O 2021. 

Although we have a good idea about what Android 12 has in store for us via developer previews, tipster Jon Prosser has given us a heretofore-unseen look at some of the software’s features. However, these developer previews are, well, for developers, and often bereft of many features that get integrated into the operating system much later. Google usually reveals these things at its annual developer conference, Google I/O. However, Prosser has effectively ruined Google’s surprise by walking us through several key Android 12 features, some of which were long overdue. Then again, a leaked build from earlier already spilled the beans, so there wasn’t much to be spoiled, to begin with.

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Android 12 first look revealed

In the video above, we can see a host of minor UI tweaks that Android 12 has in store for us. For starters, it completely reimagines how a device will show notifications, which will now be displayed next to the clock. Pulling down on it will reveal the actual contents of the notifications. On the lock screen, all the notifications will be neatly stacked in the same pill-shaped module that otherwise showed the time. Gboard gets a fresh coat of paint, too. 

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Other Android 12 UI changes include a new clock animation, stacked notifications, new icons, a new media widget, redesigned brightness slider, and a brand new look for the calculator app. Some new ‘privacy and security features have been teased too, but it is unclear as to what they are exactly. Nonetheless, the above leak, combined with the one from earlier, tells us a lot about Android 12. One can only hope that Google has more surprises in store for us at I/O 2021.