“Google’s new Android Messages now lets you send text messages from your computer”

While WhatsApp has pretty much become the de facto messaging app, regular SMSes are still quite important. SMSes are still used by quite a few services we use on daily basis, such as OTPs from your bank, and help communicate with people. It’s hard to replace the SMS. So wouldn’t it be useful if you can access these SMSes from your computer? Well, the Google has recently released a feature which lets you do just that. It has recently launched the revamped Android Messages app, which lets you access SMSes from your PC’s browser. If you’re wondering how you can enable this functionality, then read on. 

  1. Those who already have smartphones that come with stock Android should have already received the updated Android Messages app (skip to the step 3 in this case).

    Android Messages

  2. If your phone runs a custom skin atop Android, then you need to download and install Android Messages from the Google Play Store. Once installed, the app will ask you to set it as the default messaging app for it to work. 

    Android Messages 2

  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner, and select the ‘Messages for web’ from the dropdown menu.

    Android Messages 3

  4. Once done, the app will then ask you to open www.messages.android.com and scan the QR code on the website through your smartphone.

    Android Messages 4

  5. After scanning the QR code on the website, the website will then show your SMSes on the computer and will also let you receive, compose or send SMSes from there directly.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy messages from your computer. Interestingly, Google has also added support for GIF and Smart Replies to the new Android Messages app. The app now also shows an automatic preview of the links in the messages. Even though the feature is still in its nascent stage, we can expect the Alphabet-owned company to improve and bring more features to offer a seamless integration.