This robot has emotions. Humans beware…

When it wakes up for the first time, it looks at you with its blue LED eyes. It looks around and senses the environment, just like a baby. It is scared of you at first, but once you show it affection it befriends you. It looks cute and even speaks. His name is Cozmo The only issue is… it ain’t a human, but a machine!

We are talking about a cool new robot which Anki has unveiled to the world. Cozmo, like most advanced robots, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), but tops it up with an ‘Emotional Engine’, which allows it to be receptive to emotions. So this guy scores on both IQ and EQ! But there is more to it than meets the eye…

Cute to look at, comfy to hold


The robot is the size of your palm and looks like a mini character from Transformers, with a cute face sitting atop a bulldozer. And it’s even cuter when it uses the front lifts to push objects around. It is basically looks like a fusion of Wall-E and Bob the builder!

As fast as your smartphone


So how fast can it process information? Well, as fast as your smartphone can! Cozmo very intelligently outsources its processing to your smartphone. It transfers its inputs to the phone and then waits for responses from it. This means that as our phones update and grow faster and faster, with time Cozmo too will grow snappier. But the problem is, it won’t work without a smartphone.

A machine with a heart 


Remember the Emotional Engine we talked about well this little tech is the heart of this device. This robot has feelings. If you ignore it, it becomes cranky. If you throw it, it becomes angry. When exerted it feels tired. Most of what you feel, Cozmo too does. In fact, its voice is deliberately modelled after the robo-protagonist Wall-E

A toy of the future, for kids in the present


Cozmo was not created to help you do your chores! It’s not helpful, but playful. It’s made for kids who get this sophisticated toy. One may play Tetris on its OLED screen or make blocks with it or get it to fetch you stuff. But do remember, if you cheat in a game, Cozmo might yell out at you!

Classy toy, massy price tag


By now you might be excited enough to grab one! When can you get one? Well, if you are in the US, you can pre-order one right now and the bot will be launched in the market in October. But what’s the price? A machine with so many sensors, tech and sophistication must be pricey right? Well, $180 for possibly the best toy in the market does indeed seem discounted!

Here’s a glimpse of Cozmo for you :

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