Apex Legends Mobile now lets you play as Loba for free until September 15th

You can now play as Loba for free in Apex Legends Mobile for a limited time.

  • Apex Legends Mobile is now letting you play Loba for free for a limited time.
  • Loba was added to Apex Legends Mobile soon after the game was launched.
  • You can also unlock Loba using Legend Fragments or Syndicate Gold.

Respawn recently launched Apex Legends Mobile season 2.5, called Hyperbeat, which introduced a lot of new content to the game. The game is now running a limited-time event that lets you play as Loba without unlocking her. Loba is not a mobile-exclusive character like Fade, and she was added from the PC and console versions to Apex Legends Mobile soon after the game was launched. Loba is great for finding high-tier loot in battle royale matches, which helps you out in the long run.

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Loba comes with a unique skillset in Apex Legends Mobile that makes a well-rounded Legend. Her passive ability of Eye for Quality lets her see epic and legendary tier loot through walls. While Burglar’s Best Friend, her tactical ability, allows her to teleport around the map using her Jump Drive bracelet. This ability will give you much better movement and help you reach different positions on maps that offer a tactical advantage. Besides these, her ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, deploys a portable device that brings all nearby loot to her, which can be picked by allies and enemies. Loba’s abilities also benefit greatly from Apex Legends Mobile’s exclusive perk system that lets you improve some abilities by unlocking perks for the character.

When you open Apex Legends Mobile, you will get an ad pop-up for Loba where you can select “Go” to play as Loba for free. That being said, Loba will be free-to-play for a really limited time until September 15th. You can try out Loba’s abilities in the firing range to get acquainted with the character before heading into your first match. If you like playing as Loba, you can unlock her forever using 10 Legend Fragments earned from the season pass or purchase the character with 750 Syndicate Gold, which is Apex Legends Mobile’s premium currency.