Apex Legends Mobile pre-registrations live on Google Play Store ahead of launch

Apex Legends Mobile launch is just around the corner and the pre-registration link is now live on the Google Play Store for Android users in India.

  • Apex Legends Mobile pre-registrations are now open on the Google Play Store.
  • Only players based in India and the Philippines are eligible for now. 
  • EA will make the game available to other regions and iOS users at a later date. 

Apex Legends Mobile has been in the works for a long time. Its launch now draws closer as EA has opened up pre-registration for the game on the Google Play Store. The battle royale title will make its way to iOS too but at a later date. At the moment, only players based in India and the Philippines are eligible for pre-registration. Based on its success in these two key, densely populated regions, EA will let players from other regions join in on the fun. Based on the success of Apex Legends on PC/consoles, we can expect its mobile version to generate some hype. You can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile by going here

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Apex Legends Mobile free to play

EA also answer some commonly asked questions about Apex Legends Mobile on a blog post. Yes, the game will be free to play. However, we can expect to see some cosmetic-only microtransactions such as skins, battle passes and the lines, in the game, similar to its desktop/console version. Cross-play across platforms has been disabled too because Apex Legends Mobile has been specifically designed for touchscreen devices. Support for third-party controllers is unknown at this point, but we should know more about it closer to launch. 

As far as gameplay elements are concerned, most of them should remain identical across Apex Legends Mobile and its full version. However, some in-game mechanics will have to be tweaked in the mobile version to make controls less complex. Graphic fidelity could take a hit too, to compensate for the relatively low-power hardware mobile devices run. Some of the early screenshots that EA has posted seem to suggest otherwise, but marketing material is hardly trustworthy.