Apex Legends season 16 will add Team Deathmatch, remove Arenas, revamp Legends

Respawn is making some huge changes to Apex Legends in the new season.

  • Respawn is making some major changes to Apex Legends in season 16.
  • Apex Legends is getting the popular shooter mode, Team Deathmatch.
  • Respawn has revamped all characters in Apex Legends to fit a specific class.

Respawn is bringing some major changes to Apex Legends in season 16, Revelry. The developer is sunsetting Arenas and bringing a new multiplayer playlist called Mixtape, which will remind players of Titanfall 2’s Mixtape. The playlist will feature multiple game modes including the popular shooter mode, Team Deathmatch. Besides these, Respawn will not be introducing a new Legend in season 16. Instead, it is bringing some major changes to the existing Apex Legends characters. These announcements come just days after Respawn had revealed that Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down in the coming months.

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In the first three weeks of Apex Legends season 16, a 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode will be available for all players 24/7. From March 7th, TDM will be replaced by a new playlist called Mixtape that will feature three rotating game modes: TDM, Control, and Gun Run. TDM will take place on maps like Skull Town, Habitat 4, and Party Crasher. Since Habitat 4 and Party Crasher were originally part of Arenas, players can expect other Arenas maps to be added in the future. Besides these, the existing duos and trios battle royale modes will remain unchanged.

According to VGC, Respawn is taking another look at all Apex Legends characters and making some major changes. Legends have now been divided into five classes: Skirmisher, Assault, Controller, Recon, and Support. All classes have more clearly defined roles and perks that will support a particular playstyle.


Skirmisher Legends include Horizon, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Octane, Mirage, and Wraith. These Legends have great mobility and escape tactics. The Skirmisher perk will allow players to scan incoming care packages from a distance and view the most valuable item. They can also see whether that item has been picked up or not when the care package lands on the ground.


Assault Legends feature Fuse, Ash, Bangalore, Maggie, and Revenant and their strengths lie in their combat skills and ability to attack opponents. The Assault perk lets players open a hidden shelf of a new weapon supply that offers attachments and upgrades for allies, with chances to get better items as the match progresses. Assault Legends can carry an additional stack of ammo in each slot.


The Controller class includes Caustic, Catalyst, Wattson, and Rampart and they focus on area control and positioning. The Controller perk offers a Ring Console that reveals the next ring location.


Recon Legends feature Seer, Crypto, and Vantage and they gather enemy intel as well as track them. They can no longer access any ring data but they can scan a modified survey beacon to see enemy positions for 30 seconds using the Recon perk. However, nearby enemies will be notified when a beacon is used and they can figure out its location.


The Support class features Loba, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Newcastle and these Legends focus on survival and supply. The Support perk offers access to an extended shelf in blue supply bins, which was an ability for Lifeline only. These shelves contain high-tier survival and healing items.