Apple AirTag: what is it, how does it work, Android support, and more

Confused about the newly launched Apple AirTag? Here is how it works.

Apple launched the AirTag on Tuesday at its Spring Loaded event, where the brand also unveiled the new iPad Pro models, M1-powered iMac, an upgraded Apple TV, and a purple color variant of the iPhone 12. While the AirTag is a simple device to track items, many people are still confused about what it actually does. Well, that is what we will find out today. Let us discuss what is AirTag, how it works, and everything else you need to know about it.

What is AirTag?


The AirTag is a small, puck-shaped tracker that works with Apple devices. You can attach the AirTag to things like keys, wallets, or bags. And when you lose track of any of those items, you can locate the AirTag from your Apple device to find the lost object. The AirTag has a compact footprint with a coin-like circular design so that you can attach it easily to various items. You can just slide it in a bag or a wallet, and you can also attach it to things like a key, but for that, you will have to get a keyring/loop that is sold separately.


The AirTag features a U1 chipset that has Bluetooth and ultrawide-band (UWB) connectivity. The location tracker also has a loudspeaker, accelerometer, and an NFC. The UWB enables accurate location tracking, whereas, the speaker comes in handy for you to locate your AirTag when it in close proximity. The AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery, which, according to Apple, will last for about one year on regular usage. If the battery goes dead, you can pop out the back cover of the AirTag and replace the battery yourself.

How do you use the AirTag?


To start using the AirTag, you will first have to pair it with an Apple device such as an iPhone or an iPad. To pair the location tracker with your device, you just have to bring the AirTag closer to your iPhone, and the connection prompt will pop up on your screen. Follow the instructions on the display to complete the pairing process. Once you successfully pair the AirTag with your Apple device, it will show up in the Find My app. 


The next thing you have to do is attach the AirTag to the object that you want to track, such as your wallet, bag, or key. That is it. You can now forget about the AirTag. Well, only till you lose track of that object. In that case, all you have to do is open the Find My app and tap on the AirTag that you had paired. The Find My app will now navigate you to your AirTag. You can follow the precise directions displayed on the screen to reach the object tracker. Voila! you just found your lost item with the help of the AirTag. The AirTag also has a speaker. So, if the location tracker is in close proximity, you can just ring the AirTag from the Find My app and it will play a loud sound on your AirTag for you to find it easily.


Do keep in mind that the AirTag works only when it is in Bluetooth range with your device as it does not feature GPS. So, what if you lose your item and the AirTag with it somewhere along the way to your home? What do you do then? Well, in that case, you have to turn on the “Lost mode” for your AirTag from the Find My app. And what does that do? Now, if any Apple device passes by your AirTag, it will send the location of your item tracker to the Find My network. The Find My service will then send a notification to your iPhone informing you about the last seen location of your AirTag.


Does AirTag work with Android phones?

No. The AirTag does not work with Android phones, at least at the moment. However, if a person having an NFC-enabled Android smartphone finds a lost AirTag, they can just tap the location tracker to their smartphone to get the information about the owner. The person can then use the information to contact the owner to give them information about their lost AirTag.

Apple AirTag price in India

The Apple AirTag price in India is Rs 3,190 for one pack. Apple is also selling a pack of four AirTags, which is priced at Rs 10,900. The AirTag will be up for orders in India starting April 23rd at 05:30 PM IST. Apple is also offering a free engraving service with the location tracker. You can engrave your AirTag with a mix of emoji, text, and numbers to create a personalized design.