Apple AR glasses coming in 2020, will need an iPhone to work: Ming-Chi Kuo

“The iPhone will take care of all the processing, networking and GPS positioning for the glasses”

It is no secret that Apple is working on augmented reality technology. The company actively supports the development of AR and has been filing patents for over 10 years now. Now, there’s a new report that states that the company is working on a head-mounted AR device. The report claims that Apple will unveil these glasses in 2020. 

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published the report stating that Apple’s AR glasses will be available in mid-2020. He also wrote that the glasses would require an iPhone to work. The glasses will be sold as an accessory to the iPhone, which means that they will only act as a display. The AR head-unit will connect to the iPhone wirelessly. The iPhone will be used for processing, to connect to the internet, and for GPS positioning.

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Credit - TechAcute
Credit – TechAcute

Since the glasses will rely on an iPhone for all the work, they won’t have to be bulky and thick. According to Kuo, Apple wants to start mass-production of the glasses very soon. He expects the production to start in Q4 2019, but it is possible that this could be moved forward till Q2 2020. 

Previous reports suggested that Apple’s AR and VR headsets would be ready by 2019, which coincides with this new report. However, actual shipments could begin in late 2020 or early 2021. Apple will also reportedly use new OS for the glasses, known as rOS, which is short for ‘reality operating system’. If this report turns out to be true, you can expect Apple to announce its AR glasses during the iPhone event in September 2020.

As mentioned earlier, the company has been researching and developing AR technology since a long time. There have been rumours stating that Apple even has a secret team for AR and VR. The team is said to consist of hundreds of employees who are working to bring the tech to future iPhones, Macs and others. Augmented Reality will enable consumers to perform tasks faster and better.