Apple Glasses project reportedly ‘terminated’

“The Apple glasses team was reportedly disbanded back in May, and the employees were transferred to other products internally”

According to a new report from DigiTimes citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple said to have ‘temporarily stopped’ the development it’s rumoured augmented reality glasses which are expected to launch in 2020 as an iPhone accessory. It isn’t clear if the Cupertino giant plans to revive the project in the future or would look for alternative technologies to achieve the product. This report, however, comes at a time when media publications claim that Apple is set to release the glasses as scheduled. These VR glasses are said to be quite different from what other vendors have developed, as it puts users right at the moment while receiving information and notifications in the glasses.

Credit - TechAcute
Bar-Zeev was one of the critical resources involved in the development of the Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

In contrast to the recent media reports, the DigiTimes report claims the exit of Apple designer Avi Bar-Zeev in January led to the eventual termination of the glasses project. For those unaware, Bar-Zeev was one of the key people involved in the development of the Microsoft HoloLens glasses. The report further says that the glasses team was disbanded back in May and the employees were transferred to other Apple products internally.

The Apple Glasses connect to iPhones, much like the Watch and are reported to look more like regular glasses. Since the whole report connects the exit of a critical resource involved in the development, it doesn’t seem very likely that Apple might call off the entire project, so we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt before drawing any conclusions.