Apple iPad models in the future may come with larger displays: report

  • Apple could launch iPads with larger screens sometime in the near future.
  • Currently, the iPad screen maxes out as 12.9-inches on the iPad Pro.
  • Apple is expected to launch a new iPad Mini and 10.9-inch iPad later this year.

Currently, the largest iPad one can buy is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. While that is plenty of screen for a tablet, well-renowned Apple leaker Mark Grumann (via 9to5mac) says that iPads with even larger screens could be launched in the coming years. It is hard to tell the exact screen sizes of the upcoming iPad models at this point, but it could easily cross the 14-inch figure. Apple has long advertised iPads as a laptop replacement, and these future models could actually serve as one, provided that Apple improves upon iPad OS, which is a competent mobile operating system but fails as a full-fat desktop/laptop replacement.

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However, larger iPads run the real risk of undercutting MacBooks, more so now that they run the same M1 processor. Future iterations of both products could follow suit, too, as it would be cumbersome for Apple to develop hardware-specific chipsets. Apple could offset by bringing back the long-dead 17-inch MacBook Pro variant- a move that would be universally welcomed by fans, enthusiasts, and creators alike.

It could be years before we see the new iPads with larger screens, though. In the meanwhile, Apple is planning to launch a new iPad Mini model later this year, alongside an entry-level 10.2-inch variant. Details about either device are sketchy, but we can expect them to run the same M1 chips found on the recently-unveiled 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The iPad Mini is expected to retain the compact design but will offer a bigger screen as renders suggest slimmer bezels and no home button. Lastly, the next iPad Pro is also expected to support wireless charging, and even reverse wireless charging.

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