Apple is trying to prevent delays in iPhone 12 launch: report

“Much of Apple’s supply chain operations in China have opened up, but lockdowns in the US are still causing problems”

Apple supply chains have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world and it could cause an impact on the sales of the next set of iPhones from the company. Some reports say that the iPhone 12 series could face a delay while another report says that the production of the devices is on track with minor hurdles in procuring parts. Now, Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is ‘scrambling’ to prevent delays in the iPhone 12 launch. The report cites former Apple employees who have said that for a typical launch of new iPhones by September, the company places the manufacturing order by April or May for the camera modules while other parts get ordered by summer. However, since the lockdown period has started, communication between Apple and its manufacturers has been heavily restricted.

As per the report, Apple engineers are unable to travel to China and have to “use video calls to direct Chinese colleagues through iPhone prototype assembly.” China has opened up much of Apple’s supply chain operations but lockdowns in the US are still causing problems. Apple is also reportedly allowing hardware engineers to take prototypes of unreleased products to their homes for the first time. The report also states that if there is an eventual delay in the launch of the new 5G iPhones, it could cut into the profit margins of Apple.

In more news regarding Apple, iPhone prices have reportedly been hiked in India as Apple joins a growing list of companies who have been affected by the Indian government’s increase of GST rates from 12 percent to 18 percent for smartphones.  

The prices have increased for all iPhone variants that Apple currently sells in India, starting from the iPhone 7 32GB all the way up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB. For example, the iPhone 7 before April 1st had been officially priced at Rs 29,900, but it will now be sold for Rs 31,500, an increase of Rs 2,600. For the iPhone 8, the jump is Rs 2,100 while the iPhone XR gets a price hike of Rs 2,600.