Apple iPhone prices in India increased by up to Rs 3,720 after import tax hike

“Apple has raised prices of all of the iPhone models except the iPhone SE”


Last week, the Indian government increased the import tax on several electronic devices like mobile phones, televisions, cameras and more. The tax was increased from 10 percent to 15 percent, a move which was expected to result in the price hike of smartphones and other devices. Now, as expected, Apple has increased the price of all iPhone models in India except the SE. The pricing of the iPhones has been increased by up to 4.3 percent, with the highest bump being on the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone Model (new)New MRPOld MRP
iPhone X 64GBRs 92,430Rs 89,000
iPhone X 256GBRs 1,05,720Rs 1,02,000
iPhone 8 64GBRs 66,120Rs 64,000
iPhone 8 256GBRs 79,420Rs 77,000
iPhone 8 Plus 64GBRs 75,450Rs 73,000
iPhone 8 Plus 256GBRs 88,750Rs 86,000

The Apple iPhone X that was launched starting at Rs 89,000 is now available starting at Rs 92,430. The phone’s 256GB model is now retailing for Rs 1,05,720, after a hike of Rs 3,720. The iPhone 8 64GB model was launched for Rs 64,000, but is now carries an MRP of Rs 66,120. The iPhone 8 256GB model is now listed for Rs 79,420, as compared to Rs 77,000 earlier. The iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is now priced at Rs 75,450 (Rs 73,000 earlier price), while it’s 256GB model is marked at Rs 88,750 (Rs 86,000 earlier price).

Apple iPhone Model (old)New MRPOld MRP
iPhone 7 32GBRs 50,810Rs 49,000
iPhone 7 128GBRs 59,910Rs 58,000
iPhone 7 Plus 32GBRs 61,060Rs 59,000
iPhone 7 Plus 128GBRs 70,180Rs 68,000
iPhone 6S 32GBRs 41,550Rs 40,000
iPhone 6S 128GBRs 50,660Rs 49,000
iPhone 6S Plus 32GBRs 50,740Rs 49,000
iPhone 6S Plus 128GBRs 59,860Rs 58,000
iPhone 6 32GBRs 30,780Rs 29,500

As for the older iPhone models, the iPhone 7 has received a price hike of up to Rs 1,910, and is now available at a starting price of Rs 50,810. The iPhone 7 Plus’ price has been increased by up to 2,180, and now carries an MRP of Rs 61,060 onwards. The iPhone 6s has received a price hike of up to Rs 1,660, and is available starting at Rs 41,550. The iPhone 6S Plus’ price has been increased by up to Rs 1,860, and is retailing starting Rs 50,740. The iPhone 6 is now available for Rs 30,780, as compared to Rs 29,500 earlier. The iPhone SE’s pricing remains the same, and is available starting Rs 26,000.It’s worth mentioning that the prices mentioned above are MRPs (maximum retail prices), and almost all iPhone models are typically retailing at lower prices across channels. For an example, the iPhone 8 is available at a starting price of Rs 61,000, as compared to the official MRP of Rs 66,120.

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