Apple iPhones may soon measure blood pressure with a selfie video


“The report suggests the technology is about 95 percent accurate and could be a game-changer if proved legit”

Apple has always put health-related features at the forefront of its products, including the recently redesigned health app and the ever-so-famous health features on Apple Watch. The company is continuously adding new features as well. Now, according to a new report by Quartz, researchers have found a way to measure blood pressure without the need for any external hardware device. In its current state, Apple iPhones and other smartphones can measure the blood pressure of the user, but users would still need to connect an external device to record and then send it to the device. However, the new technology uses a short selfie video to measure blood pressure.

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The new technology uses a short video to measure blood pressure

Moreover, the report suggests the technology is about 95 percent accurate and could be a game-changer if proved legit. Given that high blood pressure leads to a number of problems including heart attack or stroke, cause damage to organs including kidneys, brain, eyes and more, this feature could prove to be extremely useful. There are an estimated 1.3 billion people with high blood pressure across the globe, and the majority of them could be unaware of the seriousness and the medical attention needed. Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada and Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University in China teamed up for this technology.

Psychologist Kang Lee stated, “We’re using a tech called transdermal optical imaging.” The smartphone takes about 900 images in 30 seconds to read the blood pressure. The research took the measurements and then used them to train a machine-learning algorithm, which apparently resulted in 95 percent accuracy. The measurements were taken on light-skinned East Asians and people of European descent.

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