Apple unveils a Rs 1,900 ‘Polishing Cloth’ to clean your Apple products

Apple alongside its new Macbooks also launched a new polishing cloth to specially clean all of their Apple product's screens.

  • Apple yesterday in its “Unleashed” event also launched a new ‘Polishing Cloth’
  • The cloth can also be used to clean on any Apple display.
  • It can be also used to clean the nano texture glass on the Pro Display XDR.

At the Unleashed event on Monday, Apple alongside all its new MacBooks, new Airpods, and the Home mini also unveiled a brand new polishing cloth. While the announcement was not particularly surprising, the price of this polishing cloth has become a laughing stock online. Apple launched the polishing cloth for Rs 1,900 in India and claims it is specially designed to clean all Apple products and their screens, including the special nanotextured glass-protected Apple Pro Display XDR. Just to give you a fair idea of how ridiculous this pricing is, a really good microfiber cleaning cloth from York comes is available at just Rs 195 on Amazon India.

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The polishing cloth is made with “soft nonabrasive material”, that the company says can safely clean pretty much any screen of any of its products. The cloth has a minimalist design with a white colour scheme all over and an Apple logo etched on it.

Apple also released a compatibility list (we are not joking!), which shows that the polishing cloth works on almost all sorts of Apple products. Apple says it is compatible with the iPhone 6 and later, MacBooks and iMacs dating back to 2015, all iPads, Apple Watches, and iPod touches, and as stated above, the Pro Display XDR. It is funny that the older iPhone models are not mentioned on this list, suggesting they are not compatible… with a cleaning cloth.

When comparing it with a regular microfiber cleaning cloth especially used for cleaning any type of LCD screen, the $19 price tag for Apple’spolishing cloth seems way too high. Apple also mentioned that the cloth will come free with the Pro Display XDR, which costs $6000.

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