Apple Mac App Store offer developers the ability to release app updates in phases

“macOS developers can now release automatic app updates in phases through the Mac App Store over a seven-day period and they can also pause the update if they find an issue”

In a post on Apple Store Connect forum, Apple has announced that macOS developers can now release app updates in a phased manner through its Mac App Store. Apple has also declared that the developers can release the automatic updates over a seven-day period. Till date, the developers have the ability to release the updates in phases, which was introduced two years ago at WWDC 2017.

The blog post on the Apple Store Connect website says that over the seven-day window, automatic updates will be rolled out gradually, to an increasing percentage of those users, who have turned on the ‘automatic updates’ setting. The macOS developers can release the updates in this process by enabling Phased Release for Automatic Updates in App Store Connect. However, the blog post also mentions that “all users can still install the update manually from the App Store at any time.

The schedule of the phased rollout is:
AppleAccording to the post, developers will need to follow certain instructions. In the first step, they have to click My Apps on the App Store Connect homepage then they have to select their own app. In the left column, the app version is shown, the developers have to click the version that they want to submit. The third step is for selecting Release update over a seven-day period using the phased release in the Phased Release for Automatic Updates section and then in the last step, they have to save the settings to finish the process.

Developers can also pause the phased release at any time, for a total of up to 30 days, if they find an issue with their updates.

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