Apple to launch two new MacBook Pro models with mini LED screens later this year: report

  • A new report says that Apple has two new MacBook Pro variants in the pipeline. 
  • One of them will feature a 14-inch mini LED screen and the other is a 16-inch variant. 
  • Both MacBook Pro models are expected to be powered by Apple’s M1X chipset. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman (via 9to5Mac) has leaked some key information about the upcoming MacBook Pro models. Apple is expected to launch two new MacBook Pro variants sometime in September 2021. One will have a 14-inch screen and the other a 16-inch screen. Both will use a mini LED panel, similar to the ones we saw on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro launched earlier this year. They will also feature Apple’s new M1X chipset, the report adds. However, availability will be an issue and users will not be able to buy it until later in the year. 

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Apple’s M1X chipset is expected to bring several improvements over the existing M1 chipset that powers current-generation iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. It will up the core count to 10 and use 8 high-power cores and 2 efficiency cores, making it remarkably faster than the existing M1, which uses 2 high-power and 4 efficiency cores.

The Apple M1X shouldn’t be confused with the Apple M2, which could power the next MacBook Air in 2022. It is expected to keep the M1’s Hexa-core design and slightly improve upon it. Furthermore, the M1X is expected to use TSMC’s 4nm lithography, whereas the M2 is speculated to use the new 3nm node. 

Another Bloomberg report said that the M1X-powered MacBook Pros could ship with up to 64GB of RAM. YouTuber Luke Miani thinks otherwise and suggests that they will max out at 32GB of RAM. This is all we know about the upcoming MacBook Pro variants for now. Watch this space for more updates about the upcoming MacBooks.