Apple Music could support HiFi content with Dolby Audio soon

Lossless music coming to Apple Music

  • HiFi (High Fidelity) audio content could come to Apple Music in the future. 
  • Some code in iOS 14.1 had mentions of ‘Dolby Atmos’ and ‘Lossless’. 
  • Currently, Tidal is the only streaming service that lets users stream HiFi content. 

While music streaming services let users access a near-unlimited library of songs at affordable prices, they do come at a cost. Audiophiles, in particular, prefer to stay away from apps such as Spotify and Apple Music due to the copious amounts of compression that they use on their tracks. Services such as Tidal aim to remedy that by letting users stream high-quality, lossless music online. It appears that Apple wants to tap into that niche market, too. 9to5Mac stumbled upon some code in the iOS 14.6 beta which suggested that Apple could bring HiFi (high fidelity) content to Apple Music. 

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Lossless audio coming to Apple Music?

The iOS 14.6 beta also had code fragments with the terms ‘Dolby Atmos’, Lossless’, and ‘Dolby Audio’. Future versions of the OS could shed more light on what Apple has brewed for us. At the moment, this is all we know about Apple’s foray into the HiFi music market. In all likelihood, Apple will take its time adding lossless content to Apple Music. Demand for HiFi music comes from a niche subsection of audiophiles who have the requisite gear to tell the difference between a compressed and lossless track. 

Streaming lossless music over the internet can be quite resource-heavy for the service provider. For example, a five-minute FLAC (free lossless audio coded) file could be as large as 200MB- nearly twenty times larger than a 256kbps MP3. Therefore, Apple Music users looking to access HiFi content could have to pay extra for the privilege. However, it is far too early to talk about the service, considering that Apple is yet to acknowledge it.