Apple Music Voice plan announced in India: price, features, and more

  • Apple Music Voice plan will be coming later this fall for Rs 49 per month 
  • Apple Music Voice plan will be available across Siri-enable Apple devices 
  • Apple Music Voice plan will give you access to 90M+ songs music library on Apple Music 

Apple‘s October “Unleashed” event showed us a host of new offerings from the Cupertino based tech giant. The plethora of products included the likes of the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors deployed in the all-new MacBook Pro. Accompanying all the computational power, the new AirPods 3rd generation and HomePod mini color were also unveiled. Adding onto this musical experience Apple has rolled out the Apple Music Voice plan at a price of Rs 49 per month. This new plan on Apple Music is priced cheaper than the single account basic plan which costs Rs 99 per month. The new Apple Music Voice plan gives you access to a host of Apple Music features for a lowered rate.

Apple Music Voice plan explained

The Apple Music Voice plan was unveiled yesterday at Apple’s Unleased October event. The Apple Music Voice plan is a cheaper alternative to the basic Rs 99 per month and offers a host of Apple Music features. The Apple Music Voice plan brings to you the collection of 90 million-plus songs with full playback control and unlimited song skips all at the convenience of talking to Siri. Siri takes a prime stage here, with the ability to majority functions just by having a conversation with Apple’s voice assistant. 

Apple Music Voice plan comes with some caveats: Apple Music Voice plan doesn’t support a Lossless or Spatial Audio catalog, non-Apple devices, lyrics, song download, and sharing playlists across friends. Being a single member account family sharing features like an individual library for up to six members and corresponding recommendations are unavailable. 

Apple Music Voice plan will be available later this fall across 17 countries and regions, including Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Subscription to Apple Music Voice plan via “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial,” or by signing into the Apple Music app. Features available on the Apple Music Voice plan will be accessible via Apple devices supporting Siri, including HomePod mini, AirPods, iPhone, or any other Apple device, and when using CarPlay.

The Apple Music Voice plan will be available at Rs 49 per month. To avail more features like Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio, support on non-Apple devices, etc listeners can opt for the Individual plan at Rs 99 per month and Family plan (for up to 6 members) at Rs 149 per month.