Apple could announce a new MagSafe charger along with iPhone 13 series on September 14th

The new MagSafe charger could feature a larger coil and other improvements

  • A new MagSafe charger has been spotted on the FCC database.
  • Apple is expected to release the new charger next week on September 14th alongside the new iPhone 13 series.
  • The MagSafe charger could feature a larger coil and stronger magnets.

Apple could announce a new and revised MagSafe charger at the September 14th iPhone 13 event. A new MagSafe charger with a different model number has been spotted on the FCC database. The charger was submitted to the FCC on August 13th and supports a total of 8 iPhone models. The iPhone 13 series will consist of four devices and is expected to feature better cameras, a smaller notch, and other improvements. The FCC filing doesn’t reveal any features or technical specifications of the new MagSafe charger. 

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New Apple MagSafe charger for iPhone 13?

The new MagSafe charger spotted on the FCC database carries the model number A2548, whereas the current charger for the iPhone 12 series is denoted by A2140. This is definitely a revised version of the MagSafe charger, but we’re not sure what the improvements are. The filings don’t show or reveal anything new with the MagSafe Charger. It’s possible that Apple has made only some small improvements and just updated the model number. 

However, the FCC filing reveals that the new MagSafe charger has been tested with 8 different models of the iPhone. Four of these iPhone models belong to the iPhone 12 line-up, and the rest unidentified units are probably from the upcoming iPhone 13 series. There have been rumors suggesting that the iPhone 13 lineup will feature stronger magnets for the MagSafe technology. It is likely that new MagSafe accessories could be able to take advantage of these new magnets. 

Apple could also improve the MagSafe charger by adding a larger coil for improved heat dissipation. The iPhone 13 event is scheduled for September 14th, and we should find out all the details about the new charger during the event. We also expect Apple to announce a new Apple Watch Series 7.