Apple Store online in India: how to trade in old phone for iPhone 11 or iPhone SE

Apple Store online has launched in India and customers can now trade in their old phone to buy the latest iPhone.

  • Apple Store online has been launched in India
  • Customers can exchange their old phone for a new iPhone via the Apple Store online
  • In addition to the trade-in option, customers can also look at financing options

Apple Store online has been launched in India for direct customer support as well as trade-ins, student discounts, financing option, and more on Apple products. Apple’s online store is home to the newest iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, AirPods, and more. Interested buyers in India can now purchase these products directly from the company’s instead of third-party retailers such as Flipkart and Amazon. The Apple Store online comes with a bunch of benefits such as free contact-less delivery, shopping assistant, personalised engraving on select Apple products, AppleCare+, and customised Macs. Additionally, you can also trade-in/ exchange your old iPhone or select Android phones for credits towards a new iPhone. Apple Store online is offering up to Rs 35,000 instant credit on exchanging an eligible smartphone for the new iPhone 11 or iPhone SE. Here’s how you can trade-in your old phone for a new iPhone.

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How to trade-in old phone for new iPhone

  • To trade your old iPhone or Android device for a new one, go to the official Apple website and select the smartphone you want to buy
  • The follow-up screen will include an option ‘Do you have a smartphone to trade-in?’
  • Select ‘Yes’, if you have an eligible smartphone, and enter Pin Core in the drop down menu and select whether your phone is an iPhone or Android device
  • If you have an iPhone you’ll be asked to serial number – which you can find under Settings > General > About section. Android users will be asked to feed IMEI number. To find it, go to Settings > About > Phone Identity or Status.
  • After this, you’ll be asked three questions ‘Does it turn on, and do all buttons work?’, ‘Is the body of the iPhone in good shape?’, and ‘Are the touchscreen and cameras in good shape?’
  • Depending upon the state of your device, you’ll be given the best trade-in value for new iPhone
  • Apple says that it’ll run a diagnostic test and verify the condition on the spot at the time of collecting your device, and if the results don’t match what you described, you’ll need to pay back the entire trade-in credit in order to receive your new iPhone.
    You can now trade-in your old phone for the latest iPhone 11 or SE, but there is a catch. Only eligible iPhone models and Android devices can be exchanged on the Apple Store online. Per the company’s website, iPhone 5s and later models will be eligible for the trade-in scheme. As for Android, users can only exchange Samsung Galaxy S10 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 series, Samsung Galaxy A51, A71, A70, A70s, A80, OnePlus 7/ 7T, and OnePlus 6T right now.